As a Freshman, not only are you burdened with living in tiny cramped up dorm quarters but you also have an excess of meal points to splurge on during your semester, and finding good places to do so is often difficult. Whether you prefer boxed goods or fresh foods this list is for you. Here are 4 of the best places to use Meal Points at UC Berkeley.

1. Pat Browns

Although in order to get to Pat Browns you must hike to Li Ka Shing near the College of CNR on the opposing side of campus, the hike is worth it. This location by far has the best meal point food hands down. With food options ranging from grilled sweet potato fries with sweet aioli to blue cheese quarter pounder burgers with sour dough bun and portobello mushroom, food here is definitely not ordinary. In addition the taste is extraordinary and is a nice dupe for IN-N-OUT.

2. Golden Bear Café

Located right in the center of campus across from Sproul Hall, this cafe has some of the best breakfast meal point options. One of my personal favorites is the breakfast sausage and cheese croissant, which is quite literally a dupe for Burger Kings Crossaintwitch! In addition, they also have asiago bagels with cream cheese and for an extra meal point you can add veggies and sauces to your bagel. They also have a private smoothie bar which is all green and healthy to get in your morning kick.

3. The Den

Located right next to Crossroads communal dining hall, this small side hub is far better. The Den features some of the best wraps, ranging from all green spinach wraps filled with melted cheese, your choice of meat, spicy aioli or Sriracha sauces, and veggies toasted to a warm perfection. Wraps can also be made vegetarian and vegan. They even offer breakfast wrap options which include honey bacon maple and cream cheese sausage.

4. Bear Market

For those of you who prefer to stock up on shelved goods, this is the place to go as they are essentially a mini whole foods. With options ranging from spiced plantains, to vegan mozzarella sticks, the options are endless and you can stock up on some of your favorite goods. One of my favorites includes banana muffins and tubs of Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge Chunk ice-cream. Oh yeah.. did we mention they have two entire ice-cream freezers?

For those of you with meal points galore, give these 4 options a try, especially some of the highly recommended items by me. With so many delicious options to try from, it is hard not to waste meal points fast, but do not fret, meal points are almost never ending. Enjoy eating delicious food and exploring the wonders of on-campus-dining with meal points. Go Bears!

Priyanka Saiprasad

I'm a Junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Cognitive Science and Data Science and completing the Berkeley Certificate in UI/UX Design Innovation, as well as the Certificate in Human Centered Design. I strongly value Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion and strive to create & contribute to products/services that reflect those imperative values.

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