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Ahh College. The new found freedom, parties, late night studying, getting lost while looking for classes, finding new friends, getting hit by a bicycle ( Yes, this is UC Davis) and discovering new places ! The University of California, Davis is a BEAU-TI-FUL campus In the heart of a charming town. Here are a few things to do as a freshman.

1. Go to the first Football Game

LISTEN…. The first football game is a major event! The first football games are within the first few weeks of school and it is the perfect Time to show your Aggie gear and pride ! Go with your roommates, eat some unhealthy food! Live a little and don’t forget… GOOOOO AGGGGIIIIEEEESSS!!

2. Cows!

Go see the cows! what else to do at the number 1 Veterinary school in the world? About a 100 dogs live in the dairy and they are located right next to the Tercero housing Area. The area is open to the public so go see them and make a few friends !

3. Join a First year AGGIE Connection

First year Aggie connections is great way to get yourself involved around campus. Whether you’re a gamer, musician or outdoors person, there’s a connection waiting for you. From world languages to Black Girls rock to Legacy leaders, there is something for you.


4. Visit Davis and Downtown

Davis is very charming ! The Farmers Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday! Go for seasonal veggies and fruits and support local businesses! Visit Arboretum and Public Garden, it is a relaxing spot to walk, jog bike or even talk to the ducks! It is perfect for meditation.

5. Take the UNITRANS bus !

The Unitrans is the unique bus system service in Davis that has been around for 50 years ! The bus can take you anywhere around Davis for free! Just show your Aggie Card( Student ID). There is also a double decker which gives you a perfect view of the town! The bus is driven by Uc Davis students and you might even see some of your roommates driving !


There are so many things to do as a freshman at Davis! But what’s the rush? you have 4 years to go ! Volunteer at the Women’s Resource and Research Centre, visit the museum, go to the arboretum and Public Garden. Take the YOLO bus and go to Sacramento. Enjoy your college years!


Sailey Thomasi

Hey there! My name is Sailey and I am currently a freshman at the University of California,Davis. My major is Economics and I am hoping to Minor in French as well!

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