The most difficult classes at UC Davis usually involve math, programming or chemistry. If thinking about these subjects make you queasy, don’t worry you’re not alone. Here are the top 10 Hardest Classes at UC Davis.

BIS 2A – Introduction to Biology: Essentials of Life on Earth

If you’re a Freshman, BIS2A will probably be one of your most stressful classes of the year. Why? It might have something to do with the 8-pound textbook in your backpack. Oh, and the weekly 3-hour labs with pre and post assignments. On the bright side, BIS 2A is an interesting class that’ll teach you a lot about the real world around us. Welcome to college, Freshies.

PHY 9C – Classical Physics

While the PHY7 Series is more theory based, the PHY9 Series is centered more on the arithmetic side of things. PHY 9C tackles on problems involving electricity and magnetism. The live demonstrations are exciting and attention-grabbing. Just bring your mathematical A-game to this class.

BIS 104 – Cell Biology

The cell is very tiny, but this class makes it a HUGE pain. Be prepared to learn everything and anything when it comes to these smallest living organisms, ranging from membrane receptors to cell development to the immune system. But, memorizing facts is only the first step. The test questions are very conceptual and you’ll have to put your thinking caps to do well in this class.

NPB 101 – Systemic Physiology

Systemic Physiology covers the human body, which is a pretty interesting topic. You get to learn how our major organ systems work and keep us alive. The only problem is that our bodies are really complex, which means you have to learn a mountain of information. The tests get incredibly specific so unless you’re the type to memorize the small details, I recommend sitting this class out.

CHE 118B – Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sciences

Ah…Organic Chemistry, the destroyer of every pre-med’s hopes and dreams for medical school. CHE 118B has developed an especially notorious rep for being the most difficult of the series. You’ll be spending your days reading about hydrocarbons, drawing out different aldehydes, and crying yourself to sleep at night. Sounds like fun, right?

MAT 21C – Calculus

Out of all the Math series you can take, the 21 series is by far, the most challenging. And out of the series, 21C is the class that demands the most. Forget high school calculus. That was like playing a video game with the easiest setting and a maxed out handicap. MAT 21C will test your analytical skills with Vector fields, convergence tests, Taylor expansions, and more. Good luck Engineers!

ECS 40 – Introduction to Software Develop and Object-Oriented Programming

Boy, that’s a long title. ECS 40 is one of the first weeder classes that Computer Science majors face. You’ll learn about all sorts of object-oriented tomfoolery like inheritance and polymorphism. Be prepared to put a ton of time and effort into learning UNIX and C++ loaded assignments. You won’t sleep much, and when you do, you’ll have nightmares.

STA 131A – Probability Theory

STA 131A is considered the most important course in the Statistics major. It’s forms the core of statistical knowledge. You’ll learn about continuous and discrete probability distributions, CLM, expected values, and more. Get ready to do a lot of proofs.

MAT 108 – Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

MAT 108 is another weeder class bent on making you question your major and all your past-life decisions. It’s a “proof class” that teaches you how to give a rigorous, mathematical argument. If you’re taking this class, then make sure to pair it up with easy courses too. You’ll thank yourself later.

ECS 60 – Data Structures and Programming Design

You reap what you sow in this class. You’ll find yourself spending 15 hours a week working on assignments. But, if you put in the time and effort, you’ll a ton in ECS 60. Just remember to stock up on cup noodles.


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