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The UC Davis Resource and Research centre was established to cater to the needs of both males and females including transgendered and people with marginalized genders. The Research and Resource Centre holds empowerment conferences, counselling sessions and provides opportunities for students to learn about gender equity and social justice. Sooo here are a few reasons why you should visit !

1. Education

The Women’s Resource and Research Centre provides a great opportunity to learn and self-educate . Inclusion, gender contract, sexism, gender equity, feminism are all conversations that are explored at the Centre. We are in the millennial era! Educate yourself!


2. Study rooms

It’s no secret that during finals week, every single library and study room is packed … The Women’s Centre is the perfect place to study. The Joy Freda Library has a study table where many people study. There is also a conference room  and a babes lounge that you can study in and munch on a few snacks.


3. Job and Volunteer opportunities with Counselling

The Centre has to run right? The Women’s Centre has a volunteer program at the Joy Freda library each quarter, and it is a great oppourtunity to get involved with the community at Davis. The Centre also provides counselling services for students and staff members.


4. Library

The Women’s Resource and Research Centre has a small library called the Joy Freda library. It has a vast variety of books from authors such as Rupi Kaur, Bell Hooks and Margaret Atwood. Students can also borrow some books and take them home. There is also free tea and coffee available!


5. Free Things!!!

The Women Centre provides free tea and coffee to visitors: just swipe your ID card! The Research and Resource Centre also provides free condoms, pads and tampons. No need to swipe your ID card, just grab them ! YES FREE CONDOMS, PADS AND TAMPONS for all!! Yayyy!



The Women’s Research and Resource Centre is a great facility and an amazing addition to the campus. The Centre occasional holds empowerment conferences and sometimes book club meetings at the library. Sooo… go borrow a book at the library, volunteer at the Centre, study, and drink some coffee!



Sailey Thomasi

Hey there! My name is Sailey and I am currently a freshman at the University of California,Davis. My major is Economics and I am hoping to Minor in French as well!

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