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Salut! Ca va? The Department of French at the University of California, Davis has excellent professors that aim to improve your vocabulary, speaking, reading and writing skills in French. Whether you chose to major, minor, take the class as a requirement or just for fun, or even study abroad, taking French at the UC Davis is well worth your time. Here are a few tips to ACE the class.

1.Use myFrench lab

While in elementary French, The most common tool used in almost every class is my french lab. My french lab provides students with an e-book that is used in your class and it also has your homework. MyFrench lab tells you when your homework is due, it provides hints for homework questions and it also has further practice questions if you are struggling. You also have an unlimited number of trials to complete homework which is perfect when aiming for a 100.

2.Do all homework

In elementary French, fifteen percent of your final grade goes towards your homework. That’s a lot! Homework is given a lot in the class and you might have to do some every day, but o not worry, they are short and easy to do! plus you have the textbook to help you and hints available!

3. Do not Miss class

Listen. If you really want to ace this class, do not miss class!! In elementary french at UC Davis, there are about 5-8 quizzes during the quarter and most are unaccounted( yes, pop quizzes). Participation also makes up ten percent of your final grade and when you skip class, you get a ZERO on that day… sooooo do not skip class.


4. Have a grammar and Vocabulary section in your notebook

The best way to learn and speak any language, especially French is to have adequate vocabulary and proper grammar. With all the conjugation and vocabulary in French, it is better to have a section in your book to write them down! When you have a section in your book, you can easily review right before your tests and exams!


5. Review Before Class

While taking the elementary French course at Davis, you will have four chapter quizzes, one oral exam, 2 oral quizzes, 5 to 8 quizzes, a final composition and a final exam. It is a lot of work but it can be easy if you always review before class. Reviewing before class always helps you remember and learn what you did the day before. Do not forget those pop-up quizzes.

It can be difficult learning a new language but at the University of California, Davis professors really to cater to your need. With some of these tips, you are sure to ace elementary French. Make sure that you go to class, do all your homework, participate, review before each class and have a little vocabulary and grammar section to expand your knowledge. Bonne Chance!


Sailey Thomasi

Hey there! My name is Sailey and I am currently a freshman at the University of California,Davis. My major is Economics and I am hoping to Minor in French as well!

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