Picking a major can be one of the hardest decisions you’ve made, even if you’ve given it a lot of forethought. At many colleges, including UC Davis, however, students have the option and opportunity to double major and explore different subjects.

Here are a few reasons why double majoring at UC Davis isn’t double trouble!

1) Most majors are under the required 180 units needed for graduation.

Because all students in the College of Letters & Sciences (the biggest college on campus) need 180 units to graduate, and most non-engineering majors are less than 180 units, you’ll almost certainly have to take non-major classes.

From Students who graduate from UC Davis have generally completed between 180 to 225 units.

You could put those electives toward a double major! This is particularly applicable to students who plan to major in soft sciences or liberal arts at UC Davis; for example, the English major is only 64 units, whereas the Computer Science major is 101-109 units, depending on the classes you take. However, students planning to major in an engineering major, such as Computer Science & Engineering, which takes 142 units to complete, would be better off minoring or double majoring in a less unit-heavy subject.


2) UC Davis is a research-heavy university.

Because of the huge number of faculty members involved in research in virtually every department, it’s possible to work in any field of research you’re interested in, whether in the social sciences or in biology/chemistry labs. Just consult the Office of Research or even a role model professor to get started! This makes it easier to develop skills applicable to multiple majors, not just one.

From There are many types of research students can dive into at UC Davis, including scientific laboratory research.


3) Submitting change of major forms is extremely straightforward.

Though you should definitely meet with major-specific advisors for your current major and the major you’re considering adding, the actual major addition requests are simple and can be done through U.C. Davis’s online academic advising system, OASIS. Consequently, if you have completed all the prerequisites (if necessary) to add a major, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

From It’s a straightforward process to fill out degree worksheets & plan for each major you’re considering.


4) There are a ton of majors open to students.

The College of Letters & Science alone has 110 majors for students to pick from, and there are three other colleges within the U.C. Davis system. As a result, you’re able to select multiple majors that fit your personality and complement your career goals for the future. Conversely, you could also select a major as a secondary interest – something you’ve been interested in pursuing, but wouldn’t necessarily want to build a career out of, in order to get the most out of your college education.

From The biggest of the four colleges within the UC Davis system, both in terms of the majors it offers and the students within it.


5) You don’t pay extra for double majoring.

Well, at least not up front. You might have to pay for textbooks, or summer sessions if you really want to finish in four years and you didn’t start planning freshman or early sophomore year, but adding another major doesn’t mean you automatically pay more. It’s completely feasible to double major and finish in 4 years without taking summer classes, but only if you begin planning early. In addition, double majoring enables you to get the most out of your academic experience and your tuition. The exorbitant cost for UCs, even for in-state students, can be mitigated through milking your academic opportunities – especially double majoring – for what they’re worth.

From As a college student – and an adult – saving money and making the most of what you have is crucial.


As these facts hopefully showed, if it’s hard for you to pick just one major at U.C. Davis, consider picking two! You don’t have anything to lose (except a lot of time and mental stability, but hey, that’s college for ya.)


Janelle Marie Salanga

Hi! I'm an avid Spotify playlist maker, sock collector, and the embodiment of the "this is fine" dog in the burning house. (Also, just your normal [planned] CS major at UC Davis planning to double major in English. Or Theatre. Who knows, really.)

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