The University of California, Davis offers around 110 majors and around 116 minors. Choices are expansive, ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Gender Studies. STEM majors are increasingly relevant in today’s technological and economic aspects of society, while ethnic studies majors are hard-fought for and eye-opening to the human side of society. For undeclared majors and all students, make sure to read the following and conclusion for tips!

1) Changing or Declaring Your Major


Visit (aka OASIS), log in, go to the “Forms & Petitions” tab up top, -> “Submit a New Form” -> “Change of Major”. Compete and submit the Change of Major form. You should take classes geared toward the major you intend on entering. Find class registration slots and descriptions on Schedule Builder and the Course Search Tool ( 

PRO-TIP: Research your classes before your Pass Time,  and don’t miss your Pass Time to register for classes! 

2) Online Major Quiz (UCD)


For this quiz, visit:
This handy quiz is a fantastic tool to find the right major, for Undeclared or those interested in switching majors! Also known as Major Card Sort, this quick quiz asks major description based questions, sorts out your preferences based responses, and provides 3 separate lists consisting of: 

1) Majors you may really enjoy
2) Majors you may like, but aren’t excited about 
3) Majors you will probably not enjoy

3) Major and Minor Exploration Tool (UCD)


Just like Major Card Sort, you also answer a series of questions to narrow down majors to fit your preferences. However, unlike Major Card Sort, this quiz is far more detailed, and is surprisingly much faster. Taking both of the quizzes is highly recommended!
To take this quiz, visit:

4) Satisfy Specific Major Criteria BEFORE Switching


Most majors do not require you to meet certain course requirements before switching in. However, some require certain criteria, and those are: Biotechnology, Human Development, Landscape Architecture, Viticulture & Enology, Communications, Psychology, International Relations, Computer Science, all College of Engineering majors. Visit your advisor to find out how to meet the specific criteria!

5) How To Double Major

calculator-scientific.jpgFirst, meet with both the department advisors for both majors that you intend to double in, and review double major policies. Second, go to, log in, go to the “Forms & Petitions” -> “Submit a New Form” -> “Change of Major”. Compete and submit the Change of Major form. For those truly passionate about multiple subjects and education! Having a double major requires impressive time and unit management! Be aware!

6) How To Declare A Minor


Why declare a minor? They are not required for graduation anyways! Well, suppose you are majoring in Computer Science, but you really really love crafts. Then minor in basket weaving! (UC Davis does not offer a Basket Weaving Minor). If you have any additional passions, you can supplement your degree with an area of study separate from your major!  To declare a minor, visit and complete the form. 

When choosing majors, do not select a major thinking about what it can do for your future; you may not be happy in the long run. Instead, think about what you truly want to do in the future, and then find the major that you can utilize to aid in your future goal. College is the time to explore and discover your interests. It’s okay to be undecided—UC Davis offers 6 different Undeclared Major programs until you find the right major. 

TIP: If undeclared or switching majors, you may want to declare your new major by 2nd year or by the very latest the end of 3rd year, because you want to make sure you can fulfill the GEs and units for the major. 

Huryoung Vongsachang

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