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UC Davis has lots of different courses that students can take during their time at college. Some of these courses are hard and some are easy. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest courses at UC Davis.

1. NUT 10: Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition

This is thought virtually, not sure if it is changed. Very easy to understand, basically just study the exam guide and attend exam reviews and you are good to go.

2. HIS 111: Ancient History

Requires a lot of reading in this course and memorization. If you are good at that, this would be an easy A

3. FST 3: Introduction to Brewing and Beer

This course requires a bit of studying, however it is truly an interesting course to take!

4. WMS 50: Introduction to Critical Gender Studies

Very easy course, easily understandable. Most importantly, it’s a triple dip!

5. FMS 001: Film Studies

Interesting course where is get to watch movies and analysing it. Very easy course to take if you are into film and art!

6. ANT 2: Cultural Anthropology

This class is not particularly interesting, however it counts for a lot of GEs. As such, it’s a flexible choice. It is also pretty easy even when you have skipped a couple of classes.

7. COM 25: Ethnic Minority Writers in World Literature

This class is quite easy, however it does have a lot of reading and in class discussion. If that is not your type, this might not be the best choice!

8. FST 10: Food Science, Folklore and Health

This might not be the most interesting class in the world, but it’s definitely easy to get an A.

9. GEL 25: Geology of National Parks

If you are looking for some science GE, this would be perfect for you.

10. MUS 10: Introduction to Musical Literature

If you have some musical background or have taken music in high school, this is definitely the class to take since you will be learning all the intro stuff again. However, if you don’t have music background, this is not recommended.


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