Philosophy 2: Puzzles and Paradoxes at UCI is a hybrid course meaning that you will take part of it online and part in-class. Here is the description of the course from UCI:

Here are 7 course concepts that you will learn in Philosophy 2 at the University of California Irvine:

1. Grow and improve your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
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2. Develop and improve your non-technical and non-mathematical problem-solving skills

3. Learn philosophical topics and questions
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4. Thinking Creatively

5. Develop philosophical writing skills
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6. Formation and interpretation of culture shaped by philosophical theories
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7. Recognizing cultural and historical arguments in philosophy
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Students are graded on the following:
15%: Participation in Discussion Section
15%: Lecture Quizzes
20%: Midterm Exam
20%: Paper
30%: Final Exam


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