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As I continue to take classes here at the University of California, Irvine, I have definitely come across some awesome classes that I will never forget. The quarter system can take a harsh toll on you, but here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at UC Irvine.

1. Bio Sci 43 – Media on the Mind

This class tackles the different ways in which modern media affects our lives. The way we think, act, and socialize is all heavily influenced by the media that is constantly around us. Taking this class gives you some time to really reflect on what influences you as a person! A great class to take your mind off of the more stressful classes you might be taking.

2. History 50A – Crises and Revolutions

History 50A is offered fall quarter every year, and is taught by Jeff Wasserstrom. His knowledge about the world, especially China, gives you a detailed view of the current states of countries around the world! If you are interested in current political events, this is a must take. Professor Wasserstrom is also very light on the workload, so you won’t be pulling any all-nighters for this class.

3. Music 8 – Beatles and the Sixties

For any old-school music lovers out there, this class is a must take! It goes into deep analytical detail about the Beatles and the influence they had on a generation. But beware! This class requires lots of work! Understanding how one band shaped America takes time and effort!

4. Philosophy 2 – Puzzles and Paradoxes

For anyone interested in philosophy, this class gives you the basic tools needed to evaluate philosophical arguments. As I was waiting outside of a class one day, the students coming out of this class were talking about the very basis of reasoning in abstract terms that made my head spin round. However, if theoretical evaluations are your thing, this is definitely the class for you!

5. Social Ecology E8 – Introduction to

Environmental Analysis and Design Although this class doesn’t exactly sound like a fun class, the content taught is eye-opening. Professor Whitely teaches about how the problems all over the world hurt our environment. He shows how third world countries live in such poor conditions, and what we can do to keep our planet running at sustainable levels. He is not heavy on the workload either, and will leave you conscious about your own environmental decisions.

6. Social Science 66A – Introduction to Gangs

Professor Valdez is extremely knowledgeable about the roots, creations, and feuds of different gangs across the nation. His tests are usually true or false questions, and he assigns very light reading. His lectures are extremely entertaining, and he keeps the entire class engaged throughout the hour. A must take for an easy and interesting GE!

7. Classic 45A – The Gods

Although this class requires quite a bit of reading and writing, it dives into the Gods of Greek mythology and the original stories behind them (not the sugarcoated ones you see in Percy Jackson). It feels like you’re learning about the characters you’ve seen in all the movies; Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc. An extremely interesting class if you want to zone into an entirely different universe.

8. Gender and Sexuality 20 – Queer Studies

At some point, we have all studied sexuality from the perspective of the straight male or female. However, this class challenges the norm and studies sexuality from the lesbian, gay, queer, and transgender perspective. The originality of the class is what makes it the most interesting, and although it requires you to read and write, you’ll walk out with a broader perspective on sexuality.

9. Medical Humanities 1- Health, Wellness, and Conception of the Body

This class changes the way you view a “healthy” and “sick” body. We can see that what was considered “healthy” and “sick” have dramatically changed throughout time. Analyzing the human body in this way will change the way you view your own body, along with how you interpret the words “healthy” and “sick.”

10. Chicano/Latino Studies 66 – The Anthropology of Food

There are many factors that contribute to how “rich” a society is; The clothes, the wealth, the buildings, etc. However, a factor many people do not consider is the food! This class analyzes how food can communicate ideas of labor, gender, race, and social identities. You’ll pay much closer attention to your food after taking this class!


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