Everyone has those classes they want to avoid taking due to the horrors they’ve heard from other students. Take a look at this list of 10 of the hardest classes at UC Irvine if you want to avoid killing your GPA. If you want to challenge yourself, go ahead. But if these classes are required for your major, well, good luck!

1. Math 2B- Single Variable Calculus

There’s a reason why this is the most failed class at UCI- learning so much calculus in 10 weeks is actually painful, and toward the end you just feel like giving up. I actually thought I was good at math, until this class. Regardless of which professor you get, be prepared to study a lot if you want a good grade. Here’s a life hack for those in high school: pass the AP Calc BC exam so you’re exempt from this course!

2. Physics 113C- Quantum Physics

I think we can all agree that physics is by far the most convoluted subject to ever exist. Props to all the engineers/aspiring engineers, because momentum and atomic structure are no joke. Even when it comes to introductory physics, I feel so lost. However, if you are aiming to succeed in the STEM world, physics is a beneficial class to take. Just make sure to go to office hours!

3. LPS 31- Introduction to Inductive Logic

Have you even walked into a class and then came out with less knowledge than you had going in? This is essentially what logic and philosophy makes you feel like. From scientific questions about life in general, to probability calculus (stats and calc combined-oh no), it is no surprise that this class is a significant challenge. But who knows- maybe you’ll be more logical after taking this class?

4. Bio Sci 98- Biochemistry

The fact that the name of this course has both biology and chemistry basically foreshadows how tedious it might be, especially if science is not your strong suit. Definitely take this class if you’re a bio sci or public health major, but if you aren’t, I would avoid it. Keep in mind that you also have to take a genetics class as a prerequisite.

5. Econ 11- The Internet and Public Policy

Don’t let the word “econ” fool you, for this class solely focuses on case studies about the Internet and its relation to the law. At first, I thought this class seemed fun and unique, but in reality, it’s super boring. On top of that, prepare to read and analyze a lot of material that probably won’t interest you. Many students have been known to drop this class quickly!

6. MGMT 137- Advanced Accounting

As a business economics major, accounting is the one area of study that scares me like no other. Despite it being extremely useful in the long run, creating financial statements and understanding all the rules of accounting is no easy task. This is also a significantly fast paced class not fit for the slower learners.

7. Poli Sci 131C- Modern Political Theory

I, for one, disliked taking US Government and Politics in high school. This class only amplifies the difficulty of politics by incorporating theory from the 17th and 18th centuries, which is so abstract in itself. If you’re seeking a more structured class about politics, stay away from this one!

8. Soc Sci 3A- Computer-Based Research in the Social Sciences

This class is mandatory for all social science majors, even though the general consensus of students believe it to be useless and difficult. If you’re like me and do not enjoy anything computer science related, this class will be unnecessarily stressful. Also, beware of the 12-page research paper due at the end!

9. Humanities Core Series

Humanities Core, or HumCore, is a year-long series of topics for freshmen, including humans and their effect on the rise and fall of empires. It delves deep into culture and history and does satisfy many general education requirements, but everyone agrees that it is challenging due to the hefty amount of reading and writing. The Honors Program students are even required to take this.

10. Chem 51A- Organic Chemistry

If you thought introductory chemistry was hard, you’re in for a ride with this organic chemistry course. There is a lot of memorization required and unfortunately, cramming the night before won’t work. This is just part one in a series (a-c) of three o-chem classes, so if you’re confident enough, feel free to learn all about chemical properties galore!


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