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College is a whole new world that consists of clubs, sororities, fraternities, dorms, and fun! Of course, many colleges are the same in that they all consist of these aspects. UC Irvine is a hidden gem in Orange County that not only has clubs, greek life, dorms, and buildings, but also many other awesome characteristics about it that only UC Irvine students will know to appreciate.

1. Swag Man

Swag Man is famous for walking around UC Irvine campus and its surroundings, wearing a Bulls Jersey with the number 23, khaki pants, and sunglasses. He walks with swag, and it is said that if you see Swag Man around campus, you will have good luck! Of course, many students at other campuses don’t realize how life changing it is to see swag man in person. It is only at UC Irvine that you will see students overjoyed at seeing a man walk with swag around campus!

2. $2.00 Boba

It isn’t UC Irvine if you don’t hear people yelling “TWO DOLLAR BOBA” on Ring Road during the day. Many clubs promote this Boba special in order to fundraise. This special deal can turn boba haters into boba lovers in just a couple of minutes! Next time you want to splurge on Boba, check out Ring Road for great deals!

3. Midterms the second and third week of Classes

Going back to school is all fun and games until… you have a midterm week two of school. UC Irvine is on a quarter system, which is very fast paced compared to the semester system. UC Irvine students know that syllabus week is not just syllabus week. Instead, it is a week to get ahead and prepare for the upcoming midterm they have!

4. No football team

You know you go to UC Irvine when your friends from back home at other schools brag about their football team, but you have nothing to say since UC Irvine does not have a football team. However, as a UCI student, you are able to brag about the amazing research, layout of the school, and basketball team that it has to offer. Not to mention, former President Obama did speak at the 2014 Commencement! Although there is no football team, there are tons of other amazing qualities that UCI students can brag about.

UC Irvine is an amazing school that is filled with boba, swag, research, and a great basketball team! It has many characteristics in common with other schools, but there is no place like UC Irvine. Next time you walk down ring road and buy some $2.00 boba, or see swagman, take a moment to realize how lucky you are to go to such a special school!


Ari Zaed

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