Soc Sci 10 is a three-course sequence in statistics to familiarize you with basic math skills needed for modern social sciences. Taking this series not only satisfies category five of the GE requirement, but also the school of social sciences and department of cognitive sciences mathematics requirement.


1. Class Overview

The class includes lecture and lab, so it does involve more time. The class itself is not difficult – in fact, much easier than most other math classes. While there is coding involved, the lines are mostly done for you, so much so the only thing left really is to input your student ID for the program to generate a personal set of data for you.


2. Teacher 

There are three different teachers for the 10 series. Taking Soc Sci 10A with Lui means you will most likely be more than ready for all the quizzes and tests. He takes great care of students’ progress during the lecture so much so he provides an online chatroom for those with questions. He also does a great job answering the questions comprehensively.  The lecture notes are meticulous to the core, and he reiterates the material quite a bit so it is not hard to catch up.


3. Labs

During lab time, the TA for your session will explain the chapter once again to ensure that no one could fall behind. Furthermore, they really do a great job walking you through the homework assignments. All there’s left to do is to apply your learning from lectures and follow the examples from lecture notes. However, do note that attending labs is part of your course grade, so missing one would mean an automatic 0/35 for that particular lab session!


4. Pros and Cons

Once you obtain a place in the 10A class, you are guaranteed placement in 10B and 10C. In other words, you have one less course to worry about when fighting for a spot on Webreg. The cons, then, is beginning the series mean you have to commit to it all throughout the year. However, that only brings out another pro- you have one less textbook to buy every quarter! Yay for saving money!



He did mention multiple times that 10B will be the hardest part of the series, so beware for those of you in the class for the upcoming semester. For the others? Do look into taking this class because it satisfies the entire V category GE, and is a much easier option compared to other math classes at UCI! Best of luck!




Ariel Chan

Ariel studies sociology at the University of California, Irvine. She likes to hike and try bomb food at her freetime :)

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