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The ARC, also known as the Anteater Recreation Center, is one of the top attractions of UC Irvine. In between all of the studying, boba dates, and lazy beach days, the students at UC Irvine always try to get a good workout at the ARC. The ARC is a gym that offers weights, cardio equipment, and workout classes. Keep reading to know the top reasons to visit the ARC at UC Irvine:

1. Kobe Bryan has worked out there

In the early hours of the morning, lucky UC Irvine students have spotted Kobe Bryant working out at the ARC. Kobe Bryant has been seen lifting weights, using the treadmill, and even playing basketball on the court. As you can see, the ARC is no ordinary gym. If Kobe Bryant has worked out there, it is clearly a great place to break a sweat in!

2. Many workout classes are offered at the ARC

There are many different workout classes that students can take advantage of. If you want to do cardio, you can choose to do “Studio Cycling,” or “Tread and Shred.” If you want to go to the ARC for relaxation and toning, you can opt for “Yoga Express” and “Strength Sets” classes. No matter what type of workout you are looking for, be sure that the ARC has a class waiting for you!

3. The ARC contains a pool

If you are the type of person that prefers breaking a sweat in the pool, there is an option for you! The ARC’s pool allows for guests to swim laps, or even just take a dip on a hot day. The pool is 25 yards by 25 meters, and the shallow end of the pool is 3 feet while the deep end is 7 feet. It contains eight different lanes, and the ARC provides kickboards, pull buoys, and other equipment for free!

4. The ARC has a Juice and Food Bar

The ARC’s juice and food bar is a great way to keep your body fueled and hydrated. If you are looking for a post-workout juice, or a pre-workout snack, the ARC bar has you covered. The ARC bar sells cliff bars, food, juices, and water. The prices are fairly cheap as well, which is always a good sign for college students.

5. There is a Rock Climbing Wall

The rock climbing wall at the ARC is a 1100 square foot and 36′ high climbing wall. It is located next to the ARC lobby. The bottom of the rock climbing wall is easy and designed for beginners, while the top is more challenging. Every quarter, the instructors at the ARC change the layout of the rock wall in order to provide new, fun rock climbing experiences for students.

The ARC is no ordinary gym. It offers many different amenities and workout options that are suitable for all types of students. Going to the ARC is a great way to destress and to maintain your health. No matter how busy your schedule manages to get, always try to fit a workout at the ARC in!



Ari Zaed

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