Best Buddies is a club at UC Irvine that students of all years can join. Specifically, it is a club that brings students together with people in the community that have intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Students and members of the club form one on one friendships that can last a lifetime! Best Buddies at UCI is an amazing club, and there are many reasons as to why you should join it.

1. You will make a new friend!

When you join Best Buddies, you are paired with a member in the club that has an IDD. However, this eventually turns into a great friendship. You will find that your “Best Buddy” will always be there for you, and vice versa. Best Buddies is a club that is filled with members that trust and care for each other.


2. It is unlike any other club on campus

There is no other club on campus that promotes friendship. Additionally, you form a special bond with you cannot find with your normal group of friends. This is because you are forming a friendship with an individual that has an IDD in the community. You would have never met this individual in the first place if it wasn’t for Best Buddies. It is an amazing experience getting to know someone that you normally wouldn’t have met in your day to day life!


3. You can change someone else’s life

Best Buddies is a unique club because you can change your buddy’s life in a positive way. Best Buddies Club helps members in it that have IDD get local job positions and be involved with the community. You can make a large impact on the life of your buddy by helping them apply to jobs, give them rides to interviews, and even being their cheerleader in general. It is a really rewarding feeling knowing that you’ve changed someone else’s life.

4. Your own life can change

Not only will you change someone’s life, but your own life will be positively impacted as well. You will learn, if you haven’t already, to not judge anyone based on their physical appearance. This is an important life lesson to learn, because it is a mistake that many people make. Being a member of Best Buddies at UC Irvine is a humbling experience.

5. There is an annual Disneyland trip!

Besides having a large impact on an individual in the community, you also get to have loads of fun with your new buddy at Disneyland! Every year, Best Buddies hosts an annual Disneyland trip for all of the members to go on. What is so great about this trip is that it not only is loads of fun, but the tickets to go to Disneyland are cheaper than what the price normally is! It is definitely a trip worth going on.


There are so many clubs that you can join at UC Irvine, but Best Buddies is different than the rest of the clubs. It is a fun, enhancing, and enriching club that creates one-to-one friendships. If you are looking for a fulfilling club to join at UCI, Best Buddies is definitely the club to join! You won’t regret it.


Ari Zaed

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