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Being extremely tired but not having enough time to go back to your dorm or housing has been a problem in almost every college student’s life. You desperately need a nap, but do not want to waste thirty minutes walking to your dorm and potentially be late for class. Luckily, there are many places to take a nap on campus at UC Irvine!

1. Anywhere in the Student Center

The student center is loaded with comfortable couches that you can use to take a nap. Specifically, the first floor has many couches and soft chairs that students like to take naps on. If you want an added boost of comfortableness, try using your backpack as a pillow! It is not unusual to see people in the student center taking naps. So, don’t be afraid to try it. We all know the sleepy college student struggle.

2. Aldrich Park

The park has soft, green grass, and it is very quiet. These two characteristics of it make it a great place to take a nap. It is also a very large park, so you can definitely find somewhere private to take a nap. Once again, using your backpack as a pillow and perhaps a jacket as a small blanket will provide added comfort. Be sure to avoid taking naps where there is wet grass and large crowds of students walking through the park to get to class.

3. The Fifth Floor of the Ayala Library

The fifth floor of Ayala Library is not very crowded and makes for a perfect place to take a nap. There are many desks and chairs that students can use to study- or sleep. The best part of Ayala Library is that there are very large windows on the fifth floor, so you have a great view while you are trying to catch up on your sleep! It is also a very quiet area.

4. Courtyard Study Lounge

Not a lot of students know about Courtyard Study Lounge because Ayala Library and Langston Library are more popular places to study. Therefore, Courtyard is a useful area for sleeping because it is very peaceful. After you are done napping, you are close enough to the different food courts in the student center to grab a bite to eat!

5. Basement of Langson Library

Students typically choose to study on the levels 1-4 of Langson Library. The basement has many chairs, sofas, and desks that students can use to their advantage. It is a place where you will not find much noise or distraction, so you can sleep in peace. Langston Library is close to a lot of buildings on campus, which makes it a perfect place to nap before class.

There are so many different places to nap at UC Irvine. Almost every year, students tend to find more and more places that are suitable for napping. Although it may seem silly to nap on campus, you will definitely be thankful for these places once midterms and finals start to come around. Be sure to check out these great napping locations the next time you are feeling super tired on campus!


Ari Zaed

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