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UC Irvine is a school that is very diverse and filled with all types of people! When stepping foot on campus and meeting students, you will notice that there are four types of people you will meet at UC Irvine. Of course, there are many types of people at UCI. However, these four types of people make up the majority of students.

1. The person that goes out EVERY night

During your time at UCI, you will definitely meet that one person that is ALWAYS doing something EVERY night. It doesn’t matter if it is a Monday, a Wednesday, or a Sunday! Although having an entire friend group consisting of people that go out every night could be damaging to your GPA, it is always good to have some friends that fall under this category. They will give you a fun college experience!

2. The person that is a little TOO competitive

We all know that person that is a little too competitive, and cannot stand to see anyone else do better. This person may be a good person to sit next to in class, but avoid studying with her or him at all costs. Their competitiveness could add unwanted stress to your studies. It is always good to have friends that like healthy competition, but be sure to focus on yourself and your own progress.

3. The person that loves Anime

At UCI, you will definitely find someone that loves anime. There are many clubs on campus that are dedicated to anime, and a lot of students take interest in it! These students will usually be found in your dorms or your classes. The dorms and classes at UCI are so large, you are bound to run into some anime lovers!

4. The person that balances everything like a pro

This person will awe you as to how they can handle everything all at once. You strive to be this person, and may even wonder if he or she is robotic. This person has a great social life, seems to get a decent amount of sleep, and is very involved with school and extracurricular activities! After meeting this person, you will try to have better time management.

These are the four types of people that you will definitely meet at UC Irvine. Of course, there are all kinds of unique people at UCI. However, this is a condensed list of the major types that you will see. Try to get to know as many people as you can – it is fun having a variety of people in your friend group!


Ari Zaed

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