The first year at UC Irvine is easy as far as housing goes. You simply pick the dorm you want to live in, hope for a good roommate, and move in. After your first year, it can be tricky deciding where to live. On campus housing is definitely an option, but there are some pros and cons that come along with it.

1. Pro – Close to campus

It is always convenient being close to campus. You can sleep in longer before class starts, and you can use on campus resources such as the Learning Center or the Library. Another good thing about being close to campus is that you are also close to the university town center shopping center, as well as various grocery stores. If you are involved in Greek life, living in on campus housing makes going to meetings very easy.

2. Con – Parking

Parking can be a bit expensive when you live in the on campus housing. UCI‘s parking permit for school parking does not work for the on campus housing. Many students choose to either get a school parking permit AND a housing parking permit, or just a housing parking permit. Unfortunately, the parking permits are expensive. Be prepared to pay about $270.00 a quarter for parking.

3. Pro – Paying Rent

Paying rent is made very easy. Each roommate has to pay the same amount for their rent. This is a much better way to pay rent, rather than to leave up how much to pay between roommates. Utilities are also included in your rent, so you do not have to contact utilities on your own.

4. Con – Quality of Housing

The on campus housing isn’t bad quality, but it isn’t amazing quality. Many of the rooms are a lot smaller, and sometimes you will need to share your bathroom with other roommates. Luckily, there are many types of housing and layout plans available. You can pick and choose which types of layouts work for you.

5. Pro – You will be close to Newport Beach

Living in the on campus housing is great because you are close to campus, which means you are close to Newport Beach. This is useful for when you want to go out on the weekends. After class, you can go to the beach and do homework with friends. Living close to Newport Beach is definitely part of the UCI experience.

6. Con – The Anteater Shuttle

A lot of people that live on campus have to take the Anteater Shuttle to campus. On rainy days, taking the Anteater Shuttle is not the most fun thing to do. It gets really crowded and wet. Additionally, on hot days, the shuttle gets too crowded and very hot. It doesn’t help that there isn’t any air conditioning. Be cautious of taking the Anteater Shuttle on hot or rainy days!

Living in the on campus housing definitely has its pros and cons. For some people, living in the on campus housing does not seem like the best option, so they opt for off campus housing or even commute from home. For others, living in the on campus housing makes for some of the best memories of their time at UC Irvine!


Ari Zaed

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