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Living in the on campus housing may not be for everyone. For those who want to venture out and live off campus, one of the first ideas that may pop up is to live in the University Town Center (UTC) apartments. There are many pros and cons of living in these apartments, which can help students looking to rent an apartment choose if they want to live there or not.

1. Pro: Close to campus

The UTC apartments are very close to campus. This is great because students can walk to campus and do not have to purchase a parking permit. Of course, this can be difficult on rainy days. However, you end up saving about $600 dollars just by not purchasing a parking pass for the year.

2. Con: Overpriced

These apartments are great, until you see the price. For the little space that these apartments have to offer, the prices can go from $2300 for a two bedroom one bathroom to $2600 a month! Many people are willing to pay this price when they have three other roommates to split the cost with. However, many people do not think that the small space is worth the price.

3. Pro: Study Center

The UTC apartments are nice because there are study centers scattered throughout the apartments. This can be useful if you do not want to walk all the way to the library. However, be sure to reserve study rooms ahead of time as they can get pretty crowded and booked as the quarter gets closer to finals. Having a study center so close to where you live can do great things to your GPA!

4. Con: Bugs

Not all of the UTC apartments have a lot of bugs, but there were some problems with spiders and cockroaches in some of the apartment homes. However, this isn’t a huge deal because the UTC apartments offer complimentary bug spraying that they can do in order to prevent any spiders from appearing in your home. Unfortunately, it seems as though bugs are a problem in apartment homes throughout Irvine. Regardless, this is a pretty minor problem and can get resolved quickly.

The University Town Center Apartments are very close to UC Irvine. It helps students save money because they don’t need to buy parking passes. On the other hand, rent can get pretty expensive for not a lot of living space. Regardless, UTC Apartments have been a top choice for UCI students and is even closer in distance than “On Campus” housing!


Ari Zaed

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