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Sociology 1 is an introductory sociology course at UC Irvine. The topics it covers ranges from interpersonal interaction to social differentiation and conflict. Depending on the professor, the class is structured in a certain way. Regardless, students at UC Irvine should take Sociology 1 for a couple of reasons.

1. It gives you more insight about humans

Many people can observe humans and the interactions between them. However, Sociology 1 at UCI goes more into depth about our society and how humans act in them. Topics such as, how humans interact with each other, or what humans think are acceptable ways to act in public, are covered in the course. You will walk out feeling like a sociologist in training!

2. It could be your other major or a minor

Sociology in general, is an interesting topic, but many students find it so interesting that they decide to double major with Sociology. Other students typically decide to do a Sociology minor. This is beneficial to students who are art, science, or math majors because it gives them a break from their typical courses. You never know if Sociology interests you until you try it!

3. It is a GPA booster

Sociology 1 is an option that students can take for their general education at UCI. It is a pretty easy class as long as you go to lecture and complete the class activities. Be sure to put a couple hours each week towards Sociology 1. If you do, you will most likely get an A in the course and boost your GPA!

4. It satisfies General Education Requirement

Sociology 1 is a great class to take to satisfy your general education requirement at UC Irvine. Most students try to take classes that aren’t very difficult so that they can do well and focus on their harder classes. It isn’t a good idea to take general education classes that are difficult because it could add unwanted pressure on the student during the quarter. Definitely try to take Sociology 1 to satisfy your general education requirement!

There are many reasons why you should take Sociology 1. It is a general education requirement that will greatly benefit your GPA and your general knowledge regarding human interaction and society. It is always a good idea to take classes outside of your major anyway, because it gives you a break from core major classes. Be sure to take Sociology 1 at UCI before you graduate!


Ari Zaed

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