While students at UC Irvine do enjoy taking classes required for their major, it is safe to say that sometimes they need a break. Luckily, there are five general education courses at UC Irvine that are extremely easy. With that being said, easy courses satisfies your general education requirement and boosts your GPA! Keep reading to find what the five easiest courses to take at UC Irvine are.

1. Anthropology 2A (Anthro 2A)

Anthropology 2A teaches students about the study of humanity. It covers different perspectives about culture, and how culture has revolutionized over the years. This is an easy class to take because the majority of professors that teach the class hand out study guides to prepare the students well. There is also a written essay that is part of your grade, but the prompt is very easy and the professors are usually very helpful! The course code for Anthropology 2A is 6000.

2. Medical Anthropology (Anthro 134A)

Medical Anthropology is not only an easy class, but it is also extremely interesting. In this class, your grade consists of a project, a midterm, and a final. This may seem like a typical class layout, but the professor gives the class the questions to the midterm and final ahead of time! All you need to do is go to office hours and double check that you have answered the questions correctly. It is definitely an easy A! The course code for Medical Anthropology is 60450.

3. History of Jazz (Music 78)

History of Jazz consists of memorizing dates and names, and watching Jazz videos. Although there is a midterm, a very detailed study guide is provided for you to study from. There is sometimes no final, but it just depends on your professor. Overall, it is an easy A that satisfies general education requirements for UC Irvine Students. The course code for History of Jazz is 04250.

4. Dance History (Dance 90A)

Dance History is a great class because there is no midterm or final! There are a lot of group project, which is good for students that like to work in groups and like to collaborate with one another. It satisfies general education requirements for UC Irvine and is a class that you should take if you are looking for a break from harder classes. Be sure to sign up for it quickly during registration, because it fills up fast. The course code for Dance History typically varies every quarter, so be sure to check what code it is for the quarter you want to sign up.

5. Biology of AIDS (Bio 45)

This is a very interesting class to take, even if you are not a Biology major. This class focuses on the Biology of AIDS, and a large portion of your grade comes from the discussion that is required for the course. During discussion, students typically play games and learn about how to not transmit HIV/AIDS to others. It is a very easy A as long as you attend discussion. The course code for Biology 45 is 05140.

UCI offers a lot of hard classes, but it also offers a lot of easy classes that can boost your GPA and satisfy your general requirements to graduate. Be sure to sign up for these classes early, and make sure that you get a good professor that won’t make the class harder than it should be. Have fun!


Ari Zaed

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