When talking about UCI to friends that go to other colleges, UCI students will find that there are certain things that only happen to them. There are some unique things that will for sure happen to a UCI student, no matter how hard they try to avoid it. Keep reading to find out what will inevitably happen to you if you are a UCI student!

1. $2 Boba

As a UCI student, you will definitely be pressured into buying two dollar boba. You try your best to avoid the clubs lined up on Ring Road yelling at you to buy it, but one day you will eventually give in. It is impossible not to hear “$2 Boba” being yelled around Ring Road and the Student Center. Don’t feel bad about drinking so much boba – you can always go for a gym session at the ARC after!

2. You will most likely get a parking ticket

Parking at UCI is like growing wings and flying – impossible. Parking is strictly enforced, and even when you think that parking enforcement won’t be checking parking… they are. Parking is difficult because you are only allowed to park in one zone. Often times, these zones are already overfilled or packed. If you can afford it, try to purchase the more expensive parking permit because you will have more spots available to you.

3. You will get Jamba Juice instead of Starbucks

You know you’re a UCI student when you walk to the Student Center wanting to buy Starbucks, but the line is way too long. Instead, you go to Jamba Juice and get a drink. You then start to know the peak times of Starbucks on campus, as if it is a sixth sense! Knowing the peak times and days for long Starbucks lines will definitely help you survive at UCI.

4. You will order Pub food way too often

The Anthill Pub has amazing food, and every UCI student knows it. It doesn’t matter if you are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The Anthill Pub has food for any occasion. Having a Pub on campus is unique to UC Irvine, since other schools typically have a “dry” campus, meaning that no alcohol is served or consumed on campus.

5. You will never buy books from The Hill

The Hill, which sells textbooks, UCI clothing, and more, typically has some pretty overpriced textbooks. The Hill claims to have the lowest prices, but an avid UCI student knows exactly where to look! Definitely try to check other websites online before making a purchase at the on campus bookstore. You have been warned!

These are the usual things that will happen to UCI students. The long lines at Starbucks look almost impossible to believe, Pub food becomes your best friend, and you start to brag to others about how your campus has an on campus Pub! Being a UCI student is different, but it’s definitely fun! These things will happen so often, that you will start to get accustomed to it. Have a nice time on campus, UCI students!


Ari Zaed

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