Textbooks are very expensive, no matter what school you go to. Luckily, there are some classes at UC Irvine that do not require a textbook. Of course, it is always best to check with the professor and with students that have already taken a course to see if the textbook is going to be used. There are four classes that absolutely do NOT require the textbook at UCI, so you can keep your money in your bank account!

1. Medical Anthropology 134A (Course Code: 60450)

Medical Anthropology is a class that is entirely based off of lecture slides. Of course, a textbook is offered, but students rarely use it. This could change depending on whether or not a new professor teaches it. However, this class usually does not require a textbook. Be sure to take this course if it is part of your General Education requirements!

2. Sociology 1 (Course Code: 69000)

Sociology 1 is a great class because not only is it a GPA booster, but it also does not require a textbook! All of the readings that students have to do are posted on the class website. The class consists mostly of essay writing and discussions in both lecture and discussion section. You will definitely save a lot of money in not buying textbooks by taking this course!

3. Sociology 63 (Course Code: 69200)

Sociology 63 is a course that focuses on social problems. If there  are readings, they are usually posted on the course website. Of course, this could depend on the professor that is teaching it. However, it is usually a class that never requires a textbook. Be sure to have reliable internet access since most of the readings are posted online. As for the level of difficulty of the course, it is easy if you put enough effort into your essays.

4. Bio Sci 25 (Course Code: 05110)

Biology of Cancer does not have a book. Students primarily use lecture slides to study the concepts. The lecture slides are extremely detailed as well, so there is no need to get a book for extra clarification. If you are ever confused about a topic, be sure to utilize the professor’s office hours. The majority of students for this class do not buy a book, so be sure to pocket that cash for some two dollar boba on Ring Road!

It can be relieving to find out that a class you are not taking does not require or use a textbook. Generally speaking, students spend a large amount of money on textbooks, which can leave them in a financial struggle for the rest of the quarter. Be sure to pick your General Education courses wisely, because there are a good amount of courses that do not require a textbook. Doesn’t saving money feel awesome?


Ari Zaed

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