Public Health is a major at UCI that teaches students how to promote and protect the health of people, communities, and world. Public Health is similar to medicine, except a doctor treats people on an individual level while public health work focuses on treating a group of people or community on a larger level. It is a great major that can lead to many different career outcomes, such as becoming an epidemiologist or working for the state as a Public Health representative. The first thing that students will need to do while being a Public Health major is to take Public Health 1.

1. Public Health 1 introduces the major topics of Public Health

Public Health introduces the major topics of Public Health, which focuses on the relationship between natural and social determinants that can affect health. Other major topics include measuring the health of the population, and becoming familiar with terms such as mortality, incidence, and prevalence. Public Health 1 focuses on the societal changes that can influence the health of people in a community. These are all important topics to understand in order to excel in the Public Health major. The ability to understand these topics will lay down a great foundation for your future Public Health classes.

2. Public Health 1 is an easy A

Although Public Health 1 covers a large range of topics, it is an easy A if you put effort into the class. Putting in effort means attending class, studying for tests, and participating in group projects. If you do these things, it is easy to get an A. Since it is an introductory class, it is designed to be the easiest Public Health class for the major.

3. It is your first chance to develop a good relationship with Dr. Bic

It is usually Dr. Bic that teaches Public Health 1. The course code for Public Health 1 varies each quarter, but be sure to be on the lookout for Dr. Bic when it is time for you to take the class. Dr. Bic is a great professor to have a good relationship with because you could potentially get involved in research with her. Additionally, Dr. Bic could be a professor for the other Public Health classes that you will need to take.

4. It helps you determine if Public Health is right for you

Taking an introductory course for any major is a great way to figure out if that major is really for you. By taking Public Health 1, you can find out whether or not it is something you want to pursue for the next four years. It is a good idea to test the waters with Public Health 1 before becoming committed to the major and switching out at a later time. If you switch out of the major at a later time, you may need to take a lot of summer school classes to complete your new major in four years.

Public Health 1 is a very interesting course that can easily give you a GPA boost. It covers a wide variety of topics that give students a glimpse inside the world of Public Health. In the past, Public Health 1 has been taught by great professors that are both experienced and knowledgable. Taking this introductory course is the first step into becoming a knowledgable Public Health major!


Ari Zaed

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