According to the OC Register and Business Insider, Irvine is the safest city in the United States! Regardless of how safe Irvine, and UC Irvine are, there are a couple safety and emergency resources at UC Irvine that every student should be aware of. Students should be aware of these resources to be aware of who to contact and what to do in case of an emergency. Being comfortable and knowledgable about using these resources could really pay off in the future!

1. UCI Bike Safety

Students that are new to bringing their bikes on campus should definitely check out UCI Bike Safety on campus. This is located at the Bike Shop. UCI Bike Safety provides great workshops and paper handouts about how to be safe on a bike, such as wearing a helmet at all times and using proper hand signals to drivers. Additionally, you can always get your tires inflated and receive mechanical service on your bike when you visit. Therefore, you are not only learning how to be safe on your bike, but also ensuring that your bike is safe to ride!


2. UCI Campus Police

If anything ever happens to you on campus that puts you in a dangerous situation or makes you feel unsafe, be sure to contact UCI campus police immediately! This is a great resource to use because not only do they respond extremely quickly, but they also send out ZotAlerts to all UCI students about any crimes that happened and whether or not the students at UCI should take any preventative measures to stay safe. For an emergency, it is best to call 911. For non-emergencies, be sure to call 949-924-5223.  At the campus police station, you can also check out the lost and found in case you ever lose anything on campus. The police station also does live scan/ink fingerprinting services for students.



Have you ever walked back to your car from a lecture ending at 9:50 pm and felt unsafe? If you ever feel uncomfortable going somewhere on campus, you can call 824-7233, which is the phone number for the campus safety escort service. UCI-SAFE officers can pick you up and take you to the destination you need to get to, or walk you to your destination! This is a great tool for anyone that does not feel safe walking to or from class. These officers can also take you to your house or to the surrounding UC Irvine area.


4. UCI Human Resources

UCI Human Resources not only gives students the resources that they need, but it also helps students that feel like they need help after an emergency has happened. It is always best to contact UCI Human Resources if the school ever suffers from an earthquake, fire, or mudslide. UCI Human Resources has access to the Chancellor’s Emergency Fund, which is a fund that exists to support the UCI faculty, students, and staff during an emergency. This is a great resource to refer to if you are ever affected by any of these unfortunate events.


These are all great resources to be familiar with in case your bike is stolen, you are in danger, or you feel unsafe at any time. Many students don’t realize that these resources are available to them at UC Irvine. For this reason, these resources are not used as often as they should be! Be sure to not be afraid to use any of these options if you ever feel unsafe on campus.


Ari Zaed

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