Anthro 2A is an introduction to sociocultural anthropology. This class is offered at UCI, but the course code for it changes every quarter. However, this course is always listed as “Anthro 2A” and is usually offered in the fall and winter quarters. This class looks into the cultural diversity and methods that anthropologists use to explain cultural diversity. Keep reading to find out what you need to know for Anthro 2A at UCI!

1. Al Hakim’s Empire

Al Hakim controlled Israel, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, parts of Saudi Arabia, and Africa. A large part of the region was taken from the Byzantine Empire. Much of this area had belonged to the Byzantine Empire. Even though this area was taken from the Christians, the Arabs allowed people to practice Judaism and Christianity. Al Hakim was tyrannical- many people believed he was suffering from some sort of illness because of his ill behavior. He disappeared at the age of 30, and no one knows what happened to him.


2. Important Dates

There are many important dates that you will get tested on. In 1009, Al Hakim burned the church in Jerusalem. In 1095, Pope Urban the Second (The pope in Rome the leader of the Catholic church) calls for a crusade to Jerusalem. In 1099, the European Catholic Crusaders take control of Jerusalem. In 1187: Saladin tookcontrol of Jerusalem from the European Crusaders. Lastly, in 1258 Baghdad was conquered by the Mongols.


3. Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe had a lot of natural resources. It had ivory, ebony, and animal furs. They also had gold mines, and a tremendous amount of natural resources. These natural resources would be traded using ports on the Swahili Coast. Resources were often picked up by ships and then sold to other parts of the trade networks that have developed.


4. The Tributary System

The tributary system refers to the hierarchical system in Southeast Asia. The ruler was said to get his power from the divine heaven. In other words, the ruler ruled because Heaven had put the ruler there. Under the ruler was the warriors. The warriors had some sort of military presence that was keeping the will of the king and nobility in power. Under the warriors was a small but growing middle class such as lawyers, merchants, artisans, and craftsmen. Under the middle class were peasants and serfs. They were often told that they were put in that tributary system because it was heaven’s will for them to be put there.


Anthropology is a great class that allows for students to learn more about the history of the world in anthropological terms. Usually, a professor by the name of “Professor Douglas” teaches the course and is the more favored professor due to his clear and amusing lectures. This class is a great class to take in order to satisfy your general requirements at UC Irvine. Be sure to take it while you still can!




Ari Zaed

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