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5 Concepts in Families and Intimate Relations (SOC 62) at UCI

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Ari Zaed
Sociology 62 at UCI is a great class to take if you are interested in how intimate relationships and families play a role in society. The class also gives great insight on how relationships work as well. Sociology 62 is usually offered during the fall and spring quarters at UCI. The course code for it is always changing, so be sure to be on a lookout for the title when looking for classes! Succeeding in the class is all about knowing about the key concepts. Keep reading to find what you need to know to succeed in the class.

1. How Social Support Influences the Development of Close Relationships

Social support influences development of close relationships because someone who is helping you in your time of need is someone who you can put your trust in. Larger networks tend to provide more support because there are more people but within this large network, there can be someone or a couple of close ties that you can rely on. You rely on friends to provide everyday companionship and support and they contribute to your emotional well being. It is easier to substitute friends than family because you have options as to who to choose. This help received from others gives them a sense of belonging to a group which in turn helps with developing close relationships.  

2. How the benefits of friendships parallel the six provisions of social relationships

Attachment gives a sense of security and closeness provided by closer relationships. Social Integration is being part of relationships in a cohesive group that started from shared social activities and interests. Additionally, there is an opportunity for Nurturance: opportunity to develop a sense of commitment and to feel needed by nurturing others (like child­rearing). Lastly, there is reassurance of Worth: the affirmation of the individual’s competence, which is the ability to successfully do things in a social role.


3. How friendships benefit health differently for males and females

Females give a system of support, able to talk about their problems (coping mechanism). A social network with more females tends to be less stressful. Women are more likely to develop depressive symptoms and psychological disorders. Females also have larger social networks because we are more socially accepted to talk about our feelings with other women and they usually have more than one confidant because they can have several “best friends." Males typically finds support in a spouse. Males are more likely to have drug addictions/ be violent, but social relationships help this.


4. How social support changes when adversity occurs

Social support typically refers to the functions performed for the individual by significant (i.e., primary) others, although these functions can be supplied by secondary group members as well. Social support changes in character when major stressors are present. When persons in a social network are alerted to an individual’s calamity, the emotional, instrumental, and informational assistance that is normally exchanged almost invisibly in everyday interaction transforms in character. Network members’ assistance becomes intentional, visible, and focused on changing the individual’s situation and/or feelings. Expectations of reciprocity in everyday support probably are also suspended temporarily; network members recognize that the individual’s attention and effort must focus on dealing with the immediate situation.  

5. The types of ties and networks that provide emotional and instrumental social support

Networks that are larger tend to provide more support in general compared to smaller networks. It gives a higher proportion of help that is available to a person. For networks, quality does not outweigh quantity. Networks that are more dense also tend to provide more support. When a network is more dense, more information is available, which also means that different kinds of support are available through different kinds of people. However, not all studies have shown higher density to be extremely beneficial.   Sociology 62 is a very interesting and enjoyable class to take at UCI. The class helps satisfy general education requirements, so it is not just for sociology majors. Be sure to check the title of it under the "Sociology" tab when adding classes for the next new quarter. Not only will you get a general education requirement out-of-the-way, but you will walk away with great knowledge about social relationships and marriage. Enjoy!


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