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Biology and Chemistry of Food and Cooking at UC Irvine

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Ari Zaed

It is safe to say that every college students loves to eat food. If you are a student that is interested in knowing why food tastes amazing, then "Biology and Chemistry of Food and Cooking" at UCI is a class that you should take. This class is open for students that are not science majors, and therefore Biology majors are unable to join those classes. However, it is an extremely interesting class. Keep reading to find out why you should take Biology of cooking.

1. It teaches you about fruits and vegetables

Have you ever wondered what all the differences are between a fruit and a vegetable? In Biology of Cooking, you learn that fruits usually have a higher sugar content to satisfy the wanting for something sweet that is shared by all animals. In fact, fruits tend to soften themselves to an appealingly tender, moist consistency. The plant foods that are recognized as vegetables usually are firm and have either a very mild flavor such as green beans and potatoes, or an excessively strong one, like onions. Therefore, a fruit isn't just a fruit in Biology of Cooking. There are actually a ton of factors and characteristics that fruits and vegetables have!

2. It teaches you how to make a sautéed sauce.

A sautéed sauce requires the knowledge of a suspension. A suspension is when the particles of foods are suspended in a fluid, and the food is pulverized in a blender and turned inside out. The fluids contain fragments of solid cell walls.  Fragments obstruct and bind the water molecules, and thus thicken the consistency of the mixture. Sauces made from pureed foods are examples of fusions because the foods were blended until they became a mixture. If this interesting concept makes you feel stimulated in any way, you must take this class!

3. What happens to meat at different temperatures

At 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the meat develops a white opacity as heat sensitive myosin denatures. The meat coagulates into very large climbs that scatter light. Therefore, the color goes from red meat to a red pink meat before the red meats are affected. This could serve as great knowledge if you've wanted to cook meat, but you are confused about how long you should cook it for. 

meat on a plate

4.  GPA booster

This class will boost your GPA because it is not a core major class. Since it is an elective class, it shouldn't have too much work associated with it. It is also a very interesting topic, so having a lot of interest and thinking that the class is fun will definitely make you want to put in a good amount of effort to succeed. If your GPA is low, try taking this class. It is fun and exciting, which will make your interest in it skyrocket.

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5. It will help you be a better cook

You will learn about everything that has to do with cooking a great meal and how to cook vegetables, meats, and more. This knowledge will help you outside of the classroom to be the best cook that you can be. Since this material is so applicable to outside the classroom, you will most likely not forget it at all. It is very nice knowing what you are learning in the classroom directly applies to real life.

Biology of Cooking at UCI is usually offered during the fall and spring quarters. The course code for this course changes every year, so be sure to keep an eye out for the title. For the 2018 Spring quarter, the course code is 05012. It is an easy going class that teaches you why food is so amazing- who wouldn't want to take a class about that?


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