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Top 5 Topics to Know for Philosophy 131C at UCI

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Ari Zaed
Philosophy 131C is a very valuable class to take at UC Irvine because it covers Medical ethics. This is a great class to take for students who are looking to enter the health or medical field in their future careers. Eventually, students will be faced with many ethical dilemmas in their medical careers. Taking Philosophy 131C is a great way to discuss and be exposed to many different ethical situations that can occur during a health professional's career.

1. Refusal of care for smokers vs non smokers

There has been a lot of evidence supporting that physicians sometimes feel compelled to either treat non smokers or smokers. Sometimes, physicians are not able to determine the likelihood that a given treatment will not benefit a smoker compared to a non-smoker. Denying treatment for smokers puts individuals at a disadvantage, and it is hard to justify not treating smokers on ethical grounds, depending on which ethical principle is considered in a situation.

2. Euthanasia

Many physicians in America have disagreed with the practice of euthanasia, while others see no problem with it. There have been many different organizations around the world that aim to make favorable changes in physician assisted death. Groups in the United States, such as Dignity in Dying, believe that doctors should help patients end their lives only if patients are conscious enough to decide for themselves and has requested to do so. This is a majorr hot topic around the world, since many people and physicians view that ending a person's life can be considered a criminal act or can be charged as a felony.

3. Informed Consent

Informed consent refers to the idea that the person or patient in a medical setting must be informed about the benefits and risks of treatment that they are receiving. Most of the time, someone that is not informed can be at risk for mistakingly making a choice that they are unaware of the benefits and risks of. Patients generally must make their own decisions when it comes to any medical procedure, and there has been a lot of controversy regarding this topic because patients often feel that they are not educated enough about the decisions that they are making. Unfortunately, this can lead to negative health outcomes and even death.

4. Patient Confidentiality

It is against HIPAA to disclose any information about a patient because the information could put patients at risk. Medical health and history is extremely protected and generally not shared. However, there have been many cases of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals violating HIPAA by talking about their patients, their names, or even taking it so far as to posting pictures of patients on their social media. There are many cases where it is hard to determine whether or not HIPAA has been violated, which causes confusion and a lack of trust among the medical community.

5. Communication

Communication is key when discussing health and medical procedures with your doctor. However, some patients feel that doctors truly do not take the time to educate and communicate with their patients about their health outcomes. A lack of communication leads to wrong health outcomes. The major question is how much information doctors should disclose to patients. Additionally, how much time should doctors spend with patients? Should doctors favor spending time with patients, or getting to see as many patients as possible? All of these questions regarding communication is up for debate. Philosophy 131 is a course that is offered typically in the winter and spring quarters. Be sure to sign up for it while it is still open, as it does fill up extremely quickly. The course code for this class is 30650. This class requires students to think critically and is a great way to have training for future medical or health endeavors.


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