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5 Reasons Arts Majors Should Take BIO SCI 2C at UCI

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Ari Zaed
Students at UCI that take major in the arts typically do not take many science classes. However, it may not be a bad idea to take Bio Sci 2C at UC Irvine if you are an arts major. Bio Sci 2C is a class that covers the topic of solutions in science. The course code for this class is 05010. Although it may seem odd for an arts major to be taking this course, it can actually be very helpful in any situation that a dancer or musician is faced with! Keep reading to find out why art majors should take Bio Sci 2C at UC Irvine.

1. It will show you how to solve unexpected problems

Science can cause unpredicted problems. These problems are hard to solve, but taking this class will expose you to critical thinking and different methods as to how to approach problems that seem unsolvable. It requires thinking outside of the box, which is taught in the class in the form of practice scenarios and exercises. Although art classes do teach what students need to know, the scientific method and scientific approach to problem-solving is not taught. This concept is valuable to learn for future situations and purposes, even in the art field! If a painting or art form goes wrong, it can be applied to quickly fix it.  

2. It will give you a glimpse into the world of science

Although to many art majors, science brings a hard, unfavorable connotation, it is actually very fun and valuable to learn! All processes that occur on earth stem from science. It is worth learning about why our world has come to be the world it is and to always question different processes and situations. Bringing together the arts and science as an intertwined whole can inspire students to pursue routes of science that are expressive and involve art, such as organic chemistry!  

3. The class will make your schedule more rounded.

Having a well-rounded schedule will expose you to different subjects and topics that you would normally not be exposed to. It is important to have a well-rounded schedule so you do not get bored of the same types of classes all the time. Your way of thinking and the different words or concepts you recognize can broaden as well, which is the whole point of college! Bio Sci 2C is a one unit class. It is only one day a week, and wouldn't even take up much of your time. Taking the class would only benefit your schedule- not make it any harder.  

4. It will show students how to be independent thinkers

Instead of taking information from reliable, academic works, science teaches you how to take that information and take one step further with it. You will learn to ask why and if you can test this phenomenon or not. In Bio Sci 2C, different scenarios are brought up where you have to make an independent hypothesis regarding the different scientific phenomenon. You will also need to come up with your own experiment to investigate your hypothesis.  This is valuable to learn for the arts because you may question why a certain style of painting or writing is preferred over the other, and test other styles to see what kind of effect it has on the writer or on the reader. This is just one example of how the scientific method and research can be translated and applied to other fields that are non-science related.  

5. It may inspire you to pick up a Biology minor

College is all about exploring and learning. Taking a simple, one unit biology course may inspire you to pick up a biology minor. The scientific methods and its applications may help you realize how important and influential knowing science and how it works! It is also a great way to branch out from the arts and later apply science to artistic topics and methods. Try something new that you normally would not do- it may pay off later on!   Bio Sci 2C is a great class for everyone, especially arts majors, to take. It fills up very quickly because it is a relatively easy class so it helps people add more units to their course load or boost their GPA. This class is usually offered in the winter and spring quarters, so be sure to sign up for it as soon as you can! You will definitely not regret taking this class.


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