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6 Things You Need to Know About Soc Sci 10B at UCI

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Ariel Chan
Soc Sci 10 is a three-course sequence in statistics to familiarize you with basic math skills needed for modern social sciences careers. Taking this series not only satisfies category five of the GE requirement, but also the school of social sciences and department of cognitive sciences mathematics requirement.

1. Class Review

The general opinion is that 10B is much harder than 10A , though there are some that claim it to be of the same difficulty level, if not easier. There are bi-weekly quizzes and weekly labs. However, as per usual, you are allowed to bring a little moleskin notebook with you. If anything, the wording on quizzes are slightly more complicated, so watch out for those sneaky questions! notebook

2. Professor

Professor Lui is very meticulous about students' progress and absorption of the material. He answers any questions raised to the best of his ability, and he also provides YouTube tutoring sessions for those who need extra help right before exams. Occasionally he would crack a couple of jokes and converses casually with his TAs during lecture, so the fifty-minutes passes by relatively quickly and the entire atmosphere of the classroom is light-hearted. Physical_Sciences_Classroom

3. Labs 

A TA can make or break your lab experience. If you have a knowledgeable ta, the lab sessions come to be extremely helpful. Nonetheless, most R code assignments are no-brainers and one could easily finish the homework by applying formulas learned from lectures, so don't stress too much about it! 1305675722-room-class-school-classroom-teacher-blackboard-college-wallpaper-wallpaper

4. Workload

Again like in 10A, work isn't a lot. Besides, the TAs run through the entire homework with you (and if you are lucky, your TA might exempt you from doing a couple of harder questions!), so workload really is nothing to worry about! If anything, you could be well-prepared for each exam with your moleskin notebook and practice quiz beforehand!

5. Pros and Cons

A pro about this course is its flexibility. Even if you signed up for the 2pm lecture, you could attend the 4pm course or vice versa. Do note that you must stick to your regular time for quizzes, though for final the power is also in your hands to pick a shift that best suits your schedule. Unfortunately, Professor Lui and the TAs continuously emphasize the increased course difficulty for 10C. So, let's see how the rest of the course rolls! ahead-schedule-2

6. Consider this...

Before making the decision of whether this course is for you, know that this satisfies the math requirement for students in school of social sciences only. So while it benefits those in the school, if you have plans to double major in another school -such as the business school- this class might not be the best for you! (In that case maybe consider taking the math 2 series) pexels-photo-941555 This is a fairly easy course overall, and the professor is capable of lecturing in a clear and interesting method, so it is also fairly enjoyable. Likewise, many resources are offered for a better understanding of course material. Be sure to check out this course for an easy fulfillment of the V category! Best of luck!


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