As final season approaches students stay up late to study and reduces their sleeping hours. When trying to balance your study time with your snoozing time, here are the best places around UCLA to catch some zzz’s.


1. Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden at UCLA is one of the best places to take a nap in between classes. Located towards the outskirts of campus the sculpture garden is the place to go when you want to take a nap while also having some great photo opportunities. In the sculpture garden you can nap beside one of the many sculptures and trees without worrying about students running into you while sleeping.

2. Powell Library

A pretty unconventional place to take a nap right? Wrong. Powell Library is a great place to take a nap because IT’S A LIBRARY, meaning it will be really quiet. It is not guaranteed that you will have the most comfortable place to catch up on sleep but you will have  peace and quiet.

3. Janss Steps

Although a staircase is not the ideal place to take a nap, many students enjoy getting some rest in the grassy area by Janss Steps. You can either lay on your backpack or rent a hammock doze off. Although this is one of the most popular places to nap on campus there is no need to worry about never finding a spot to relax.

4. Young Research Library

Also known as YRL,  just like Powell library can be an ideal place to sleep because it is quiet and there are designated areas of study where you can get the privacy you would want. Even though YRL is not as big as Powell library it can serve the same purpose. giphy-12_hd.original

5. Dickson Court (North and South)

Finally there is the Dickson court. a common place to sleep in between classes especially since it is in the center of so many other buildings. So this is the ideal place where one could nap and be near by your next class. With various places one can recline against a tree or lay on the grass, this is a favorite place to catch up on some sleep.

40 min

Regardless of what time you decide to sleep after studying make sure to get that well-deserved nap on campus!


Adah Perez

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