When it comes to taking math classes in college, especially here at UCLA, things can be drastically different from high school. Whether you have taken Calculus AB in high school or never seen a calculus problem, here are some tips on passing Math 31A at UCLA.

1. Attend lecture

One of the most basic things you can do if you want to pass a class is to attend lecture! Although there are some professors who can be the worst teachers ever and overcomplicate the way to solve a problem, at least you will know how behind or ahead the professor is in the textbook. Also if you attend lecture you will be able to take notes that you can review later.

2. Do your Homework

It is understandable that there are so many things to do at UCLA and you can get very distracted but it is very important that you do your homework assignments! Regardless of how many problems you have, make sure you complete them all, show your work and most importantly CHECK YOUR ANSWERS. Doing the actual problems will give you practice and checking your answers will ensure you are doing them correctly.

3. Talk to your Teacher’s Assistants

The way you can talk to your Teacher’s Assistant is by attending your discussions. Your TA’s usually consist of graduate students who would be able to sympathize with you and give you some extra help. Your TA’s are there to answer your questions and for clarification.

4. Go to Office Hours

Although there are some classes you can pass without going to office hours, Math 31A is not that type of class. Office Hours allow you to do two things, get more of your questions answered and get to know your professor. By getting to know your professor or TA will allow you to gain more connections and they might offer you extra help especially since you took the time to see them.


Overall in order to pass Math 31A and virtually any class, you need to put in an extra mile and your hard work will pay off in the end.



Adah Perez

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