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As a freshman at a prestigious university, handling the stress of not only classes but learning what it means to be an adult without any parents around, it can be easy to pack on a little weight. Here are some tips to keep that weight off.

1. Choose healthier food options

UCLA being the University with the best food compared to other universities, it can be easy to indulge in all these sweets and greasy food. The way to do so is by avoiding the dinning halls and lean more towards takeout. Having options like De Neve, Covel and Bruin Plate as dinning halls it is so easy to over eat. Therefore by getting takeout you have a set amount of food that will definitely keep you full. Although if for any reason you only want dinning halls, your best choice is Bruin Plate because the temptation of getting unhealthy food is almost eliminated. By choosing healthier food options, you are one step further to avoiding the Freshman 15.

2. Utilize the school gyms

UCLA had at least three gyms open to its students. Filled with so much equipment, there are various ways you can work off those extra pounds. With the Sunset recreation center or the John Wooden gym you can get the benefits of gym without having to pay any special fees.


3. Get a workout buddy!

Regardless of whether you decide to use the gym equipment or run around campus, having a workout buddy is the best because you can motivate one another to exercise.

4. Take the stairs!

Although you will be doing a lot of walking here at UCLA especially if you live in the dorms. The best way to get in a workout is by taking the stairs to whichever floor you live in. Whether it is on the second floor or the ninth, by taking the stairs you can burn extra calories without having to go to the gym!

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5. Drink lots of water!

By drinking a lot of water will not only keep you hydrated but also keep you from over eating. If you drink a cup of water before eating you are less likely to overeat.

Overall making wise food choices and integrating exercise to your daily routine will help you stay away from the Freshman 15.





Adah Perez

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