UCLA is one of the most prestigious public schools across America. They have some of the most renown research, athletes, and academics. Unfortunately, with all that recognition comes severe competition. Their acceptance rate is lower than 20% and is slowly decreasing each year as more people are applying.

1. Food

UCLA is in the almost near the heart of Los Angeles. Since the school is incredibly known across many places, restaurants and businesses are constantly upgrading and making their food taste better to consumers. Some ratings even state that UCLA has one of the best campus restaurants in America. This creates strong social relationships among professors and students as they have good and accessible food on campus. After all, professors who all have p.H.D.’s do not want to eat cheap food.  

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Some awesome places near UCLA are their dining hall and restaurants such as Plateia, Rubio’s and the usual Paneral Bread. The food there is generally healthy and avoids the typical fast food culture. They even have a Chick Fil A nearby if you walk a few steps out of campus. The type and variety of food around UCLA is truly outstanding.

2. Location

The reason why many people attend and apply to UCLA is that it is close to home. The location can be served as almost a commuter school which can save a lot of money. Since their tuition can exceed over 10 grand and their total cost can be over 30 grand, many students want to attend a great school and at the same time save a lot of money. Family, food, security, and academics are all great here. UCLA almost has everything in one huge school.

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3. Academic Opportunity

Recently, UCLA just climbed up to be on the same level of Berkeley. They both are now one of the many best public schools in America. That means their research, professors, and academic courseload are all extremely rigorous and renown. Once you graduate from UCLA, many businesses will be seeking and shocked by your diploma as it had come from an amazing school. Though, that means classes will be much harder as they are graded on a curve. For example, if you get a 95% on the test, the curve can bring your grade down to a B since everyone else received an A on the exam. This is one of the drawbacks of going to an academically challenging school.

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4. Prestige

Attending UCLA will allow you to receive a lot of fame and recognition outside of the world. Many jobs and discriminatory career jobs will mainly look for people who went to prestigious schools. Top industries like Facebook and Telsa will start recruiting people from UCLA first because they know the school has one of the best students. Job opportunities will be available in many places.

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5. Great Programs 

One a very renown program for many business majors is their Anderson School of Management. Most Graduate schools have a 3.0-3.5 GPA average. However, UCLA’s business graduate school program is a 3.7 GPA average. That is extremely high compared to other schools. As for undergraduate, there are many people who declare Business Economics because of the potential of entering Anderson’s graduate school program. UCLA also has very high rankings in their School of Law and Medicine. This makes their Biology and Pre-medical students become very competitive.

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UCLA is a great school. Students learn a lot and college is surely a wonderful experience. They truly make you money worth it as they offer experiences with amazing professors. The campus is absolutely beautiful too.


Andy Xiang

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