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Here at UCLA there are a variety of historical classes varying from workload and topics. With Winter Quarter falling upon us Bruins after the break, one of  most interesting historical classes to take at UCLA is the Chicano Studies class.  These are some tips to succeed in Chicano Studies 10A in order to get the best grade possible.

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1. Go to lecture

As anyone would tell you as a college student, attend class! Regardless of how boring or how hard it is to understand the professor, attending class is the best way you can understand the content you are going to be tested on. In Chicano Studies you will learn in depth about historical background of Chicanx community and culture. So why not attend lecture and learn something new.

2. Do your Readings

Although some classes you can go by without doing any of the reading, in this class the readings are ESSENTIAL. The majority of the course is based on the readings provided to you,so reading will help you understand what the professor is talking about during lecture. If the professor gives you the readings before lecture the best thing you can do is read before lecture. By reading beforehand you will be able to understand not only what the professor is saying but also have any questions you may have answered.

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3. Always ask Questions

Ask questions you do not know the answer to! Especially if you are in a group setting because maybe someone else has the same question as you but is too shy to ask. You will not only get your question answered but also gain a better understanding of the content.

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4. Go to discussion

By going to discussion you will be able to get your TAs (Teacher’s Assistant) perspective of the course. You could also bring all your unanswered questions to discussion and investigate with classmates to discuss possible answers. A perk to going to discussion is that most of the assignments given in the class are graded by the TAs. Therefore by going to discussion that can help you build a good relationship with your TA.

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5. Create a Study Group

By creating a study group you will not only get to help on another in studying for the course but also you will be able to create new friendships.  Having a study group will allow you to have a space to be able to channel your questions and find new ways of learning by other students.

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Overall, in Chicano Studies you will have the opportunity to learn various facts and events that have happened in Chicanx history. In order to pass this class as well as any other class here at UCLA you must put in the work and effort. By doing so you will achieve the results you deserve.


Adah Perez

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