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Good luck fighting with over 30,000 other students for these exciting and awesome classes, but UCLA definitely has lots to offer when it comes to fulfilling those GE’s or taking a “chill” (do those even exist?) upper div. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at UCLA.

1. 124P – Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior

High School Sex Ed- Revamped. Well, not exactly, but this class on Human Sexual Behavior covers topics like female mate competition, infidelity and facial attractiveness. Also, for once, the textbooks might be interesting too. It literally satisfies no requirements unless you’re an Anthro major, but hey, who doesn’t wanna talk about sex for four hours a week?

2. Ethnomusicology 25 – Global Pop

Prof. Ruskin’s lectures are great, yes, but what’s even greater are the artists he brings in. Jesse Campbell from the Voice 2012 is one of the most prominent artists who have come, but other speakers include Los-Angeles locals like Rocky Dawuni, Dexter Story, Suhail Yusuf Khan. Lecture isn’t really so much lecture as it is attending a concert. Lots of pop-song enjoyment involved.

3. Anthropology 19 – Animals in Translation: Evolutionary Approaches to Animal Thinking and Autism

A seminar class that aims to connect you more with your spirit animals and childhood pets. Find out how animals think and communicate, especially since you’re always talking to your dogs anyways. Another bonus- there’s only one textbook required (save $$)!

4. World Arts 51 W – Aliens, Psychics and Ghosts

“This class explores alien contact and abduction narratives…” That’s all you need to know. Take this class (Well, it may take a few quarters of attempting to take it to actually get in) to find out whether an alien invasion is imminent, and if the invading aliens will look like the ones in I Am Number Four (swoon) or Independence Day (gross). You obviously need to know whether to redo your makeup or prepare for the apocalypse!

5. Film TV 122J – Disney Feature: Then and Now

Revisit your childhood- and discover the true origins of Disney films and the monopoly that Disney held over many sects of the television, music and film industry for decades. Also- Disney!

6. Los Angeles – The Cluster

If you’re attending school in LA, you might as well take a class on the rich cultural and social history of the city. Great music, social movements, cultural developments- this course aims to explore as much as possible! As one of the most dynamic places to live in the World… well, just pick up a brochure to learn more about LA, or take this class!

7. America In Sixties – The Cluster

Civil rights, presidential assassination, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the moon landing. LIfe during of the most tumultuous and exciting decades jam-packed into a ten week course covering everything from hippies to Psycho.

8. Classics 30 – Classical Mythology

An extension of your 9th-grade reading of the Odyssey, except these lectures will discuss women who can turn people into stone, Kings who can turn objects into gold, and everything else you learned about when you were obsessed with Percy Jackson.

9. Anthro M155Q – Women and Social Movements

For the feminist inside everyone.

10. Comm Studies 157 – Celebrity, Fame and Social Media

You’re on it 24/7 anyways, might as well take a class about the impacts of social media on the rise and fall of celebrities. Maybe you’ll finally see those celebrities you thought you would randomly meet at BFit on a class field trip, or connect over the problems they sing about in every pop song.

Special Mention: UCLA Extension’s A Class of Beer

Well, you’ve gotta be 21 to fully engage in this class, but the newest offering at UCLA Extension offers to teach students all about beer! Lots of field trips to local bars and breweries included!



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