With only about 17 out of 100 students accepted each year, UCLA holds a reputation as one of the world’s best public universities. 32,000 students studying everything from Asian-American Studies to Marine Biology make the journey through GE to Upper Div, holding with them memories of their best and worst classes (and perhaps more importantly, their best and worst professors). What sets UCLA students apart is that they embrace challenges, and although the classes listed below may scare some, they continue to be taken and conquered every quarter. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at UCLA!


Let’s face it, all physics classes are weeder classes. It’s a major made for the best of the best, and one of my friends was once told “If you want to win a Nobel Prize, you’re in the wrong major.” It’s ok- no one really takes them unless the classes are required anyway.

2. PHYSICS 105A – Analytics Mechanics

When I asked students what they thought their hardest class was, I heard “Physics… -insert number here-” over ten times. Unfortunately, I was only able to honor the very worst of the worst on this short list.

3. MGMT 120B – Intermediate Financial Accounting

Known for being a memorization class more than an accounting class, Management 120B is also known for making every Biz-Econ major cry on their way to finals.

4. POL SCI 10 – Introduction to Political Theory

Having had the pleasure of taking this class myself, I can tell you that there has never been a set of readings that has confused students more. Although the class itself is not work heavy, you will spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to decipher the texts and then regurgitate the 1% you’ve understood into an essay.

5. COM SCI 33 – Introduction to Computer Organization

This Computer Science class on Organization of Computers is so material dense, a reviewer said “Each topic should have a class dedicated to it.”


With a 2.1 easiness rating on BruinWalk, Neuroscience 10 has fallen into the black hole of classes that become a memorization hell for students looking for easy introductions to new topics.

7. CHEM 14 Series

The Chem Series, AKA “Pre-Med weeder series,” is a struggle that every Freshman hoping to add a Dr. prefix to their name has to overcome. From 14A-14D, Chem will be your life for the first two years- then it’s Physics, Math and Life Sciences!

8. COMM ST 10 – Introduction to Communication Studies

A requirement for every wannabe communications major, Comm 10 is notorious for being associated with an insane amount of memorization. Tests are given on specifics, and not generalizations, making it a North-Campus imposter class.

9. MAE 107

The full name of this class is “Introduction to Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems,” which is such a scary set of words that I won’t even bother to extend my commentary on this one.

10. MATH 32AH – Calculus of Several Variables

Calculus of Multiple Variables- A lower division math class not for the faint-hearted. Known for producing many all-nighters and friendships solidified through collective trauma.


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