When you’re simultaneously pre-med, pre-law, and pre-business like every other first and second year student at UCLA, you don’t have time for intellectually stimulating classes. Well, you do, but they’re usually forced on you anyway (pre-major reqs- usually hell), so try some of the GE’s from this list! Taking these classes might even let you have social life for the next ten weeks. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at UCLA!

1. ASTR 3 – Nature of Universe

They say to shoot for the moon and even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars. You’re almost guaranteed to land on the moon with this class 

2. ART&ARC 10 – Arts Encounters: Exploring Arts Literacy in 21st Century

Similar to Ethno 25, this class makes the cut because of its easiness and the interesting curriculum. With lectures including guest speakers and interesting views on art, art history, and the perception of art throughout history, this class is perfect for someone looking for an easy intro class.

3. HIST 20 – World History to A.D. 600

World History to A.D. 600- For this class, you gotta show up, but apparently a lot of the points are just for attending! The TA’s are great (and often changing, so it could be a hit or miss), but be warned that the class encompasses a vast amount of information!


4. AN N EA 15 – Women and Power in Ancient World

Women In Power In The Ancient Middle East- More than lecture, this class is like a large debate between 300 people. The current professor creates an environment in which student opinions are able to be shared and debated. With only a final and an interesting paper, the class is light on work too!


5. GE CLST 70- Evolution of the Cosmos 

Physical Sciences with Lab credit, but the Lab is super easy, especially if you have a good TA. Cosmos also focuses on a subject that many find interesting, and takes a unique approach to the sciences since most of the students are Humanities majors.

6. Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars

The Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars don’t count for much credit wise, but are meant to be a easy class during which students can explore interesting and usually specific topics. Current seminars cover Music Theory through Recorder, Interviewing Holocaust Survivors, and Meditation for College Students.


7. ETHNOMUS 25 – Global Pop

Like Arts and Architecture 10, this class doesn’t require much study until finals week. With only two small papers and few quizzes in between, this class is most definitely worth the efforts. In return, you can see wonderful artists from all over LA perform during class time.


8. POL SCI 40 – Introduction to American Politics

A repeat of High School Gov combined with many entertaining political videos.


9. ASIA AM 20 – Contemporary Asian American Communities

Contemporary Asian American Communities- There’s no textbook required, but just weekly readings revolving around issues and triumphs of contemporary Asian American communities and their contribution to America as it is today.


10. SCAND 50W – Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures

Reviews of this class say that the readings are short and interesting, and a lot of the answers and prompts are discussed and reviewed during section. You can also learn a little about the culture that inspires all modern minimalist home-decor gurus while getting that writing requirement done.


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