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If you’re looking for some new eateries to try out in Westwood this quarter, I recommend you check out some of the places on this list. Whether you’re craving some Chicken Tikka Masala or some Nutella Crepes, affordable and tasty are two words that describe these hidden (or not-so-hidden) gems in Westwood. Here are the 10 best places to eat near UCLA:

1. Kazunori Sushi

Good sushi is hard to find in Westwood, but Kazunori Sushi deserves its place on this list both for its delicious food and unique setup. It is the handroll only branch of Sugarfish, and each hand roll is freshly made by a chef and presented to you one after another. With a small-menu but flavorful, tasty options, Kazunori Sushi is a must-try.

2. Le Pain Quotidien

As someone who is obsessed with French culture, I know that the food is one of the best parts. Baguettes, tartines, omelettes, and more fill this wonderful cuisine, and many of these popular French items are available at this little French bakery and cafe. Also, their spreads are to die for (buy a side of bread so you can fully appreciate the wonderful jams)!

3. India’s Tandoori

When you grow up eating Indian food, it’s hard to eat restaurant food and describe it as authentic. However, India’s Tandoori has a wonderful section of curries, breads, and desserts that bring a little taste of India right to your plate. The Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer dishes, and Samosas seem to be the most popular hits!

4. Native Foods Cafe

Ever wondered how vegans live? Simple- they enjoy the wide variety of vegan dishes at Native Foods. With healthy, organic ingredients and freshly prepared meals, Native Foods is known for even making the meat-lover fall in love with the lifestyle. Definitely check out their Moroccan chicken next time you visit!

5. Mon Amour Cafe

Most people miss this tiny little Cafe that’s right near the Bruin Theatre, but Mon Amour Cafe has crepes that are to die-for. With a build-your-own style menu that covers both sweet and savory crepes in a setting that is perfect for date or study night, try their Classic crepe for a sweet surprise.

6. Simplethings

There are crayons on the tables, which are covered in paper so that you can let your inner child go free. Don’t be fooled by the name- Simplethings boasts a menu that has everything from Chipotle Chicken Salads to Banoffee (banana, cream and toffee) pies.

7. The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab usually has a fun, jovial atmosphere that can be combined with messy eating for some major fun. And you get a plastic bib, so simply choose your catch, flavor, spice and enjoy!

8. Tender Greens

With a menu full of healthy, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone who resolved to eat healthier in 2017. Like many of the restaurants on this list, the customer has the power to create exactly what kind of meal they want. Tender Greens allows you to pick your meat and filling, choose what you would like it with (salad, sandwich, etc.) and combine it with some delicious sides (Roasted Tomato Soup!)

9. SpireWorks

SpireWorks is the place for every college student who is too poor to travel this quarter. Simply choose your place- options range of Little Italy to Istanbul- and then choose from the meats, base and finish to create the perfect sandwich, rice bowl, or veggie meal. Then finish it off with the Chocolate Ganache or Tiramisu!

10. Pinches Tacos

Pinches Tacos (Student Discount alert! 10% off for all UCLA students) is known as the new Mexican hot-spot in Westwood. Try the the student discount deal of 2 tacos, chips, salsa, rice, beans and a drink for $6.95!


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