1. You’ve got killer Calves 
Between the death stairs next to Café 1919), the awkward steps at Covel, the big Bruin walk slope and just the whole campus in general, you’re pretty used to up the hill walking. While you hate it and complain about it as often as you can, you’re calves get the best out of it. 

2. You respond to squirrels more than bears
When people say squirrels are cute, they’re wrong. They’re humongous monsters that will probably bite your foot off. Seriously, the only reason the bear is our mascot is because it’s probably the only thing that can scare these beasts.

3. Everyone you know looks like a Greek God
The first time you walked down Bruin walk, you were amazed by how everybody looks like they could be in movies. Which they probably can be cause LA.

4. Your guilt is routinely sourced from BPlate Regulars
BPlate is probably why everyone looks like Greek Gods. We have the best possible version of healthy food right on campus. But if you’re like me, you can’t eat healthy ALL the time, and you often feel guilty because of people who can.

5. You’re comfortable sleeping in public
You’re sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated soul ALWAYS needs a nap. And there is no way you’re gonna walk all the way back to your dorm just to get some sleep. Result: you have a sleeping spot on campus: Powell, grass patches, you name it. The world is your bed.

6. You take your loyalties (and your enmities) seriously
There is a school on the other part of LA that you morbidly started hating since you enrolled at UCLA. You’re not sure why, except that you’re awesome and they’re not. Which is why you hold bonfires in their name: cause they’re gonna get burned.

7. Everyone you meet in your first quarter is Pre-Med
And this changes soon enough, when you realize there are so many other awesome things to study at UCLA! But everyone seems to come to college with Grey’s Anatomy as their ideal.

8. You still don’t know where everything is
The campus is huge. So every time quarter starts, there is usually one new building you have to go hunting for.

9. You get Starbucks, In-N-Out, and Diddy Reise with your groceries
Or a combination of the three. You probably get Fat Sal’s too. And Tender Greens. And just food. Food is awesome.

10. Freshman 15 hit you hard
Food at UCLA is amazing. So many options and so much soda, even the walking can’t really save you!

11. You’re pro at avoiding Bruinwalk flyer-guys
Within the first week, everyone develops careful maneuvers to avoid the flyer-guys at Bruinwalk. Be it phone-staring, walking through the path on the left, or pretending like you’re late to class, you’ve found your own niche of avoiding enthusiastic strangers.

12. You’re used to being woken up in the middle of the night by fake fire alarms
Yes, because UCLA cares about your safety more than your sleep.

13. You don’t know what winter is
Because the sun shines like 312 days a year. You still have Uggs though: for your late night runs for Chicken Tenders.

14. Chicken Tenders of your life from the past mean nothing to you
Talking about Chicken Tenders, you now know that the De Neve Late Night has the best Chicken Tenders in the world and no other place on the planet can do justice to their level of awesomeness.

15. You study at blazing speeds cause midterms happen throughout the quarter
The ‘middle’ terms could be anywhere between Week 2 and 8 and you’re always silently dying.

16. You’re just generally awesome

You’re at UCLA => You’re a Bruin => You’re awesome.

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