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A bad GE can ruin your entire quarter, especially when you need units in the field of scientific inquiry. Using the classes in this list should make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Astronomy (ASTR 3) – Nature of the Universe

This class is perfect for non-science majors as it does not require any extra math. It covers a broad topic, of course, but there is a ton of fascinating stuff to learn when talking about the nature of the universe.


2. Food: Lens for Environment and Sustainability (CLUSTER M1B)

Whether you are a health nut, or just want to know more about what impacts the food you eat, then this class is for you. Although it’s definitely not an easy course, the material is interesting, which should help you make it through it.

3.Earth, Planetary, and Space Science 9 (EPS SCI 9) – Solar System and Planets

This course delves deep into the history and creation of our solar system. On top of knowing how things came to be, you will also be able to tell how we know, which should help you argue with flat earthers.

4.Geography 2 (GEOG 2) – Biodiversity in the Changing World

In this class you get to explore the vast diversity across the world’s continents and islands. On top of that, you will discover how human beings have affected, and are affecting, the world around us.

5.Linguistics 1 (LING 1) – Introduction to the Study of Language

Linguistics may seem dull to some, but there is actually a ton of interesting things to learn about how language has formed. Even though this is just an intro course, you really get to delve deep into the importance of language.


6. Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology 50 (MCD BIO 50) – Stem Cell Biology, Politics, and Ethics

Stem cells can do some absolutely incredible things. If you ever wanted to know more about stem cell function, and how laws have shaped research, then this class should be your first choice.


7. Physics 12 – Physics of Sustainable Energy

This course may not make you the next Elon Musk, but it definitely will get you closer. This course covers a broad array of topics that focus on sustainable energy creation, as well as its limitations.


Don’t let science scare you when it should do more to inspire. Any of the above 7 classes should make your life a lot easier and more interesting when it comes to fulfilling your scientific inquiry GE.


Snigdha Jayavarapu

Snigdha Jayavarapu is a second-year Human Bio and Society major at UCLA. She enjoys writing, dancing and being an RA. She's also a henna artist and loves junk food!

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