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Going to college is a great experience because you get to meet all sorts of people. People from all over the world, and with many unique backgrounds and experiences. That being said, you’ll also meet a few very specific “types”. Here are 8 of them.

1. The Dean’s Lister


They seem to be taking about 26 units every single quarter. They’ve changed their minor 3 times because they want to do something “worthwhile”. They care about their GPA more than anything, but they aren’t really sure they want to go to grad school because it may not be worth it. If you ask them to hang out, they say “sure, I’ll be in Powell until 9 tonight, join me”.

2. The Party Animal

They go to a pregame before the pregame. They always know someone who can get you into a party, and you know it’ll be good. They’ve moved into an apartment as quickly as possible so they can play hostess. Thought about going Greek, but the party animal doesn’t want to be tied down to any one social group.

3. The overachiever


Their notebook has straight lines without using a ruler. Never procrastinates. Their laptop case matches their shoes. They color coordinate class notes with pastel highlighters. You think they must be a senior in their late twenties even though they are 18 years old. They are the Pinterest mom friend.

4. The cruise director


They are connected to every group on campus. Bruinwalk is nothing to them, because they know everyone advertising. They manage to be in resident government, run a cooking club, double major in biochem and music, and join two acapella groups. If you ask them “do you know ___?” the answer is always yes.

5. The mystery

The commuter. You never see them anywhere but class. They dont exist on campus outside of a lecture hall. Their entire life consists of things other than a constant barrage of blue and gold. Do they have a job? A family they see every night? You envy them. You pity them.

6. The “I can’t, I’m broke”


Their constant refrain is “will you swipe me in?”. They make coffee in their dorm every morning. Their entire room is MacGyvered into a strange, utopian world of DIY. Somehow goes an entire semester with $5. The person you ask for advice on public transit routes and how to make ramen taste less like 25 cents.

7. The parent’s credit card


The opposite of number 6. Wants you to go to clubs with them every weekend. Drowning in cardboard boxes as a result of twice-daily amazon orders. Doesnt know why their boyfriend can’t take them out to dinner all the time. The person whose closet you raid because you know they’ve got what you’re looking for.

8. The Netflix queen


You aren’t sure they are even enrolled in classes. They haven’t left their bed since 1975. You can always ask them for new show recommendations because they’ve seen it all. Always has great snacks. Always a 10/10 friend. Requires a to-go dining area nearby.


Regardless of whichever type you fall in, meeting a variety of new people is all part of the college experience. Now go out there and make best friends with The Overachiever, because they really knows what they are doing.


Stefani Hester

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