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Is bacteria the only culture you have? Wanna learn more about the diverse opportunities for becoming cultured? Wanna be a cultural person with a cultural persona? Check out these cultural festivals at one of the most diverse and cultured campuses in the US, UCLA!


So think Color Run, except that everyone is super aggressive and throws a plethora (woah, big words) of colors at each other. And if you wanna up your game a bit, bring a water gun to the fight! Cultural history: Holi is the celebration of colours, a day commemorating the times throughout history in which good has triumphed over evil. The Indian Student Union puts on a wonderful event for students each year, so check it out for some major fun!

Tết Nguyên Đán Festival

The Tết festival at UCLA is a yearly traditional hosted by the Vietnamese Language and Culture Club, and is celebrated through a event that showcases the culture of Vietnam. The event is free to the public, and is accompanied every year by a spectacular set of a performances.

Lunar New Year Festival

Almost every culture celebrates New Year, but if you’re looking for some bomb Asian food hit up the Lunar New Year Festival at UCLA. Multiple organizations (five!) come together to put on this huge event, filled with cultural performances, photobooths, cultural art, and fortune charms. Cultural History: Chinese New Year has had a significant influence on the cultural traditions of its neighboring countries, and much of East Asia today celebrates the Lunar New Year in similar ways!

Thai Samakom Culture Night

Featuring an original drama and cultural dances, Thai Samakom Culture Night is always a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Hindu and Thai traditions that many students celebrate at UCLA.

Pilipino Samahang Culture Night

Ever heard of Tinikling? It’s super fun. It will cause many awkward falls, but think how impressive it will be when you’re showing bae that you can do tinikling blindfolded! Whether you want to participate in dances or have fun enjoying authentic food, Pilipino Samahang Culture Night is wonderful time to be had!

There’s a lot more cultural festivals to check out- almost every group on campus spends hours upon hours investing into their own cultural shows and fairs. At one of the most diverse schools in the world, take advantage of the little time you have here to engage in new cultures!


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