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UCLA is one of the most diverse universities in the world- both in demographics and in personalities. However, we do still fit into some stereotypes, and if you don’t meet the following people by your senior year… be more social. Here are 10 Types of People You Meet at UCLA!

1. The Den Leader

There’s that person who is dedicates their Saturdays to the Rose Bowl, their Sundays to Gymnastics, and their life to March Madness. They’ve collected fifteen free tee-shirts, won an apple watch, and know every single cheer. Most importantly, they make up for your lack of enthusiasm when you decide to join them for one whole game per quarter.

2. The Sorority Girl

This is a given, especially at UCLA. There’s professional frats, social sororities, major-based sororities, sexual orientation based frats, and ethnic sororities. There’s probably a chance you’ve met multiple girls that are in Beta Apple Pie, and have no problem demonstrating their pride by wearing their sorority jackets even when it is 90 degrees out.

3. The Athlete

They’re constantly tired and wondering if the scholarship money was worth it, but perks include getting to live it up in their singles. They’re the ones that encourage you to make it out to that one game per quarter that you have time and willpower to attend.

4. The Gym Guy

You only hit him up when you wanna go to the gym, because you know that he will always be there. You can identify these types of people easily- when you’re walking to your eight AM, they’re the ones jogging with huge smiles on their faces.

5. The Flyer Dude

Comedy club? Teach music to kids? Dance team? It’s that one kid you always see flyering on Bruin Walk, right before you do your routine where you pretend to look at your phone and seem to be unable to make eye contact with anyone around you while you pass the flurry of flyering peers.

6. The Dancer

He’s taught you all your moves that you tried to use to make bae fall in love with you. You failed, but that’s ok.

7. The College Mom

This technically could be your own RA, but it is the person who basically has become your college mother/father. The one who warns you about your decisions endlessly, but will still help you when you screw up.

8. The Therapist

The one who thinks she can fix everyone’s problems even though she’s never really had any of her own.

9. The Long-Distance Girl

She’s an international student who is still trying to maintain that relationship she was in for years. She’s always telling you about this mystery kid you’ve only interacted with digitally, but her love life is still more interesting than your non-existent one.

10. The Nerd

Let’s be real. If you’re at UCLA, you’re a nerd. There’s obviously different levels of nerd-dom, but most of us rank pretty high up there. I mean, we are one of the the top national schools and only 100% of current students were accepted into UCLA!

Did we miss any? Do you identify with any of these groups? Let us know about your experience at UCLA in the comments below!


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