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Nowadays, when children (or rather, their helicopter parents) are researching and making decisions about which college is the best fit for them, they look at a variety of factors. For example, some students may be attracted to schools with wonderful research programs. Others may look at the social life, the food, the academics, etc. However, there is really only one thing that matters. It is the quality of your universities’ meme page (pronounced “meeeem” not “meh-meh”). Here are the 10 Memes Describing Finals Week at UCLA!

1. When you’re attacked by the swipers.

 Credit: Blake Wyatt, UCLA

2. When you’re presenting those final presentations on subjects you have 2% knowledge of.

Credit:  Antoine Delcayre, UCLA

3. When that North/South campus rivalry starts up again.

 Credit: Christian Hardoy

4. When they spring new lockers on you to further test your problem-solving skills. (Although, TBH, these are a blessing!)

 Credit: Mayra Hernandez

5. When you’re professors are tryina’ suck up to you for once instead of the other way around…

Credit: Tristan Alexander

6. And when you finally get that professor back for all the trauma he/she has caused.

Credit: Harvey Wang

7. When the stupidity and the heat finally hit you, and you wish for the rain and your motivation to come back.

Credit: Michelle Tan

8. When you realize you aren’t capable of change.

Credit: Charlotte McGinn

9. When you’ve set your priorities straight.

Credit: Reeva Gestre

10. When you remember that Gene Block is there for you, and will always be there for you.

   Credit: Tim Nguyen

There you have it.

UCLA has the best quality meme page of all universities, not only because the memes speak to us as college students but also because UCLA memes have led to the largest amount of time wasted at a single university.


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