Ucla prestige campus from above

It’s difficult, because you came to UCLA thinking you’d be living it up with the stars but the closest you’ve ever gotten to a celebrity is Gene Block (if you don’t know who that is, you don’t belong on this page). Nevertheless, there are still cool things to do! It’s LA after all!

1. The Getty Villa and Getty Center

Admission is free, enjoyment is even more free. Beautiful views, wonderful museum, and did I mention it’s free? Also, college nights at the Getty are dope because you can take the bus for a… completely free night out!

2. The Griffith Observatory

See a trend? This is also free. Its also a perfect date spot that will not disappoint (I mean come on, a night of looking at the stars?).

3. Hollywood and Highland

Granted it’s a bit far, but what else would you want to do on a Saturday than walk down the Walk of Fame and avoid adult peoples dressed as fictional characters?

4. Santa Monica Pier

Take advantage of the opportunity to watch dogs, children, and other humans enjoy their time as a non-college student. Plus, they have Dippin’ Dots there!


You haven’t done LA right if you haven’t taken a basic picture at LACMA. Additionally, you could also go for the art. They have free nights too!

6. Little Tokyo

Missing Daiso Japan? Need to stock up on Pocky? Head down to little Tokyo for a day of shopping, historical displays, and Japanese food.

7. The Grove

A shopping center centered around a beautiful fountain, you’ll find lots of places to spend Mom and Pop’s money here.

8. Melrose

Facebook profile pictures should be updated once a month, according to every sorority girl out there. Melrose Avenue is the perfect place to host your next photoshoot so you have pictures for years to come!

9. Venice Canals

As a tourist myself of these wonderful canals, I can tell you that you will never have a more fun experience. Getting nearly run over by cars, enjoying quality local ice cream, and enjoying the interactions of multiple ducks are all experiences you can have at the canals.

10. Farmer’s Market Santa Monica

For the vegans and BPlate eaters in your life. Just kidding- there’s a variety of options and you can support local cellars and the Los Angeles community!

And don’t forget that campus is always a wonderful place to spend time at too! Check out the Fowler Museum, performances at Royce, and much more!


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