Spring break activities

The road-trip is one of the most college-ish things you can do- it’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s takes you places you couldn’t otherwise afford. Also, you can indulge in a wide variety of fast food cuisine throughout the day! Here’s a list of 10 places it’s not too late to hit up this spring break from UCLA!

1. Half-Moon Bay – 5 hrs, 47 minutes

With some of the most beautiful coastlines, Half-Moon Bay is a must-go for any beach lover. Best thing about the beach? It’s free!

2. San Luis Obispo – 3 hrs

Ever been ATV’ing in SLO? Also, hit up the university while you’re there. Their spring break probably doesn’t line up with yours, so there’s bound to be something happening!

3. Yosemite National Park – 7 hrs

This one’s definitely a trip, but one that’s worth it. Half-Dome, beautiful views, and NorCal vibes are all you can ask for. Also, you’ll be supporting the National Parks.

4. San Francisco – 5 hrs, 39 minutes

Once you’re in the Bay, you’re a BART ride away from the heart of NorCal. Ghirardelli Square is heaven on Earth, and you’ve got to see Land’s End and the views from the Golden Gate.

5. Santa Barbara – 1 hour, 27 minutes

It’s not going to be a super long road trip, but there’s never too many beaches to visit. There’s also a crap ton of museums and preserves so you can check out some exotic birds and feel well-traveled.

6. Big Sur – 5 hrs, 45 minutes

It isn’t called the “greatest meeting of land and water in the world” for nothing. Bixby Creek Ridge, Mcway Falls and more make for some great instagramming.

7. Carmel By The Sea, CA – 4 hrs, 46 min

Cute villages and small town life make up this quaint little city, but it might be better suited for those who want to avoid the partying instead of seek it.

8. Mission Beach, San Diego – 2 hrs, 9 min

Get an Airbnb, a house on the beach, and hit up Legoland for some kid-friendly fun. Also, you can get Mexican food here that’s about as authentic as you can get in the States.

9. Berkeley – 5 hrs, 32 minutes

Get your inner hippie on. You can also grab some dope henna cones and Indian food on Telegraph! If you can make it down for Cal’s Holi celebration- it’s like the color run but no running and it’s free!

10. Santa Cruz – 5 hrs, 17 minutes



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