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The Best UCLA Professors

1. Professor Stephen Ross 

Rating – 100%

Courses Taught by Professor Stephn Ross

1. ECON185 – Learn More
2. ECON188 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Stephen Ross

“Professor Ross’ class is one of the most useful single classes that you could take at UCLA. MAKE SURE YOU ENROLL IN IT AT LEAST ONCE. Not only this class gives you a tip on how to better position yourself to an employer, this class also gives you general life knowledge that you need to know to financially succeed. Professor Ross is AMAZING!”

“Steve really cares about his student and reach out to each of them personally. It was easy for me to talk to Steve any question I had in future career choice and in life. He is also an marvellous lecturer that he is able to keep his 7-hour lecture entertaining. I learned a lot from his experience and this class.”

“Awesome professor who really cares about his students. Was fortunate enough to be given a slot on his office hours, which are limited due to the size of the class and shortness of the class. He offered to connect me with members of his network in order to help me further my career. His advice was also beneficial, nice course to take.”

2. Professor Jun Park 

Rating – 96%

Courses Taught by Professor Jun Park

1. PHY10 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jun Park

“Dr. Park is probably one of my favorite professors. I wish we had more like him. He makes learning very fun. He has a great sense of humor, energy and wonderful teaching style. I learned a lot of interesting concepts and ideas in our class.”

“I thought Dr. Park was amazing. I learned so much from this class and his tests were very fair. He was very serious and expected us to take this class seriously as well. He was very patient and made sure we fully understood the material. I would definitely recommend him to others/ take another class with him! Probably one of the best Professor”

“Dr. Park is what you would call “one of a kind”. He makes the class so very interesting and makes sure he implements real life examples that make the class better. The class isn’t boring or hard, as people would usually say, because of him. He makes it great, and he is a very good professor.”

3. Professor Paul Von Blum 

Rating – 94%
Department – Mix

Courses Taught by Professor Paul Von Blum

1. COMM371 – Learn More
2. CS175 – Learn More
3. AFAMC191 – Learn More
4. INTER101 – Learn More
5. POLIT200 – Learn More
6. DIGS101 – Learn More
7. ARTHI499 – Learn More
8. COMM141 – Learn More
9. COMM165 – Learn More
10. AFAMC189C – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Paul Von Blum

“Took his course at USC on censorship and the 1st amendment. Would definitely recommend him to any student. He is a very passionate educator with lots of life and educational experience. He talks loud and is bold. Midterm and final only — essay style. Loved this class.”

“Professor Von Blum is by far my favorite professor at UCLA. His stories are great, he challenges you with intriguing scenarios, is extremely passionate about his subject, and truly cares about his students. I really have no negatives to say; I am even pursuing an individual studies course with him in the fall!”

“I took courses with Paul Von Blum at U.C. Berkeley over 35 years ago. He was a highlight of my college experience. I still think about the books we read (The Plague, Miss Lonelyhearts, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, etc.) as well as the artists we studied (Hogarth, Goya, Daumier, etc.) Thank you, Paul, for everything!”

4. Professor Teo Ruiz

Rating – 94%
DepartmentHistory & Spanish

Courses Taught by Professor Teo Ruiz

1. HIST129A – Learn More
2. SPAN135 – Learn More
3. HIST120 – Learn More
4. HIST119 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Teo Ruiz

“Professor Ruiz is one of the funniest professors I’ve had in UCLA. He enjoys teaching and engaging with students, which demonstrates that he cares about student learning. One of his key messages is for us to enjoy life.”

“Such a great lecturer, I would take him every year if I could. He was helpful, considerate, and gives us the midterm and final weeks in advance.”

“Amazing performer! Memorized verses of Classics of Spanish Golden Age! Overall great class! BEST TEACHER, caring , understanding and a bit revolutionary which makes him even better of a person!”

5. Professor Oyku Potuoglu-Cook

Rating – 94%

Courses Taught by Professor Oyku Potuoglu-Cook

1. ANTHRO1371 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Oyku Potuoglu-Cook

“Took Anthro of Protest and Activism with her. INCREDIBLE teacher. Amazing topic – she is very passionate and wants you to succeed. Hard class – lot of work and lots of readings but SO worth it.”


“Professor Cook doesn’t teach every quarter. Take her when you can.Your world will change. She’s rare as a human being and a teacher -:)”

The Worst UCLA Professors

1. Professor Michael Curry

Rating – 30%
DepartmentHistory & Geography

Courses Taught by Professor Michael Curry

1. GEOG138 – Learn More
2. HIST138 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Michael Curry

“There is a reason his classes stay open til the last day, that should give you a hint about his overall quality. Honestly the worst professor I’ve had in my 4 years at UCLA, I would rather not go to school than have to take a class with him ever again.”

“Dont…..just dont”

“He is the most dry, boring, vauge, and mono-tone prof at UCLA hands down. I thoroughly dreaded going to class each day to his rambling on and on. His grading is horrible, extremely stingy with points, and just plain unfair. Nobody I know in the class actually liked it or looked forward to going, he really made me hate geography, avoid at all costs.”

2. Professor Delroy A. Baugh

Rating – 30%

Courses Taught by Professor Delroy A. Baugh

1. CHEM113A – Learn More
2. CHEM20A – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Delroy A. Baugh

“He went to U$C= ‘nough said”

“Terrible teacher, he teaches at a level far above the students in Chem 20A. His tests are unrelated to the assigned readings in the book, and only slightly related to his lectures. Avoid if possible.”

“Boy, where to begin. Goes off onto tangents, he is an amateur in chemistry, and not a professional at teaching. You might as well take Chem 20A later unless you have to. AVOID BAUGH! You will be happy that you did not take chemistry with this teacher!”

3. Professor Richard Abel

Rating – 30%

Courses Taught by Professor Richard Abel

1. LAW214 – Learn More
2. LAW101 – Learn More
3. TORTS2 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Richard Abel

“Totally nice guy, but i didn’t really learn anything about Torts in his class…”

“I had the misfortune of having Prof. Abel’s torts class at CUNY Law School. While I came into class really interested in Torts, I left completely disinterested, disappointed, and felt that I learned absolutely nothing. If you want to get a decent grade, use outside material, i.e., Gilberts outlines. For policy, use the article he published.”

“A raving socialist in my opinion. He didn’t teach the subject as much as he taught his socialist worldview. It was annoying.”

4. Professor Peter Felker

Rating – 44%

Courses Taught by Professor Peter Felker

1. CHEM20A – Learn More
2. CHEM113A – Learn More
3. CHEM110A – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Peter Felker

“Lectures are boring. It’s pretty much the same as him reading the book. Only way to pass is to go to sections and try to teach yourself.”


“Just a terrible lecturer. Puts you to sleep the second you walk into the lecture hall and what he says has nothing to do with the homework or the midterms and finals (which were next to impossible). They often say that open note tests are harder than usual… well try open textbook with felker. That just gives you a feel for how tough his class is”

5. Professor Anne E. Bresnock

Rating – 44%

Courses Taught by Professor Anne E. Bresnock

1. ECON1 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Anne E. Bresnock

“She isa horrible teacher. I tookher class twice and studied hard and I still didnt get the grade I wanted. Her lectures are long and boring and her test don’t follow her lecture notes. For those of you that have to take her I’m sooooooo very sorry. She’s horrible”

“My Worst Grade In College”

“She’s lame… don’t take her classes.. you will regret it fo sho.”


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