Campus 31

The time for college has finally come and now the distinction among people grows even clearer than ever. There will be plenty of students who are constantly attending the parties and talking to their new friends past 2 AM. There will also be students who are natural scholars and are serious about developing a strong education. Whatever student you may be, success is not solely made on education.

Meeting New Friends

For the majority of incoming students, they do not know anyone and are meeting new people every day. Students would frequently sit next to strangers during lunch or dinner and start networking. Friendships are forming every second and everyone is eager is get know the people around. Students living in their dorms will mostly leave their door wide-open hoping students would come in and introduce themselves. Everyone is eager to explore the new community around as many do not know anyone else on their college campus. It certainly an exciting and proactive time.


There are finally no parents or supervision. Some students may try new things such as drugs or alcohol, and many students are up all night socializing. Sadly, there will always be introverts in their dorms all day in Week 0 as they are too shy to put themselves out there. People in the dorms are going to eventually greet themselves and try to make new friends. The dorm lounges are going to be filled with students socializing and playing games.


The food at college campuses and the meal plan freshmen students purchase is certainly overwhelming. Many people go under the misconception that students are extremely poor and are constantly starving. Fortunately, only the first part is true. Most students are poor since American Universities are the most expensive in the entire world. However, students are not always hungry. College campuses frequently provide free food and the dining halls are decent buffets. The main reason why many students are complaining about hunger is that they usually do not have the time to actually eat since the academic coursework may be overwhelming.

Late Nights

It is very common for students to all hang out in the lounge area in large groups trying to network and have a great time. There are no classes and bedtime to worry about, making it the perfect time to stay out late and have fun with new friends. Best of all, nobody to tell you what to do. Every student is a free person.

The Balance

Obviously, meeting new friends and socializing is certainly fun. Sadly, college is still a place to learn and students should understand how to have fun and socialize at the right moments. Don’t spend all your time having fun in Week 0. You still need to explore the campus, be involved, and get to know the new community around. College for many is a beginning to a new journey. The path in this journey is different for everyone.



Andy Xiang

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